~   My   BIG   Birthday   Bash   ~   Feb.22,2009

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goldbars (3K) Highlight Of The Day

A huge surprise "gift" to me was a very special guest who arrived after travelling all the way from B.C. - My son, Steve!

On the morning of my birthday he had called and left me a message in which he sang "Happy Birthday" (with chuckling during the performance). I had called Steve after hearing his singing message, and asked him if he was heading to work (as he usually does around 7 A.M.). What he was actually doing, as I found out later, was driving to the airport.

We had also been talking the night before and I mentioned the big party with lots of musicians, etc. When I saw him at the party I was totally flabbergasted (now there's an old word from an old guy ;-).

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Steve Strathdee and smiling birthday Dad

goldbars (3K) Multiple Party Themes

One of the themes of this event was for me to attempt to play with most of the bands with whom I have enjoyed working during the past 12 months.

This was also a CD Release for Steppin'Back, produced in December 2008 by Mark Rutherford and myself.

Another objective: For the Canadian Cancer Society instead of receiving birthday cards, etc., I emailed my friends to just sign a Guest Book and throw a few bucks into a Donation Jar in honour of my late mom, Elizabeth, and my dad, Stuart, who each succumbed to this horrible desease ... we were able to donate $160.00 after the party!

A lot of my friends will remember Elizabeth and Stu, how they both loved music so very much, how they would come out to many gigs and were always so supportive and encouraging about my playing. I'm sure they were at the party in spirit.

goldbars (3K) Audio production: Richard H.
Video production: Jim Stevens
Short Video Clips: Steve Strathdee ( for sample video, click here )
Food: courtesy of Rick's Place
Photos courtesy of:
  • Mike Sollary
  • John Savage
  • Ruth & Earl Newhall
  • Keli-Ann Pye-Beshara
  • Charlie Hinkel

  • Cover art for Steppin' Back CD: Keli-Ann Pye-Beshara (Dec.2008)

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    Mr. Frank McNulty was Our M.C.

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    My saxophone arsenal for the day

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    Bands that played (Click on name to jump to their section...)
  • The Figleaf Jazz Band
  • Steppin' Back
  • Ronnie Douglas Band
  • Wayne Buttery & The Groove Project
  • Men In Black
  • Steppin' Back (set2) + surprise guest -my son, Steve from BC!
  • Malcolm Edwards
  • Ken Losell & The L!NKS

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