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~ My Big Birthday Bash ~ Feb.22,2009

A Special Birthday Tribute

Jim Stevens and Billy-Roy Murnaghan -

Jim has a unique style of songwriting and singing emanating from years of experience in the Yorkville district of Toronto. He has written many wonderful songs over the years, some of them for artists such as Dianne Brooks and others that were on the leading edge of contributing to the Toronto sound. Jim has been a personal friend of mine for more than 20 years.

Billy-Roy hails from P.E.I. where he has been a popular singer/songwriter and entertainer ever since he could strum a guitar. He started out in music in his hometown, Charlottetown. I've known Billy-Roy for nearly 10 years and we've done lots of fun things together.

Billy-Roy teaming up with Jim was a great surprise and a wonderful musical gift. Jim's birthday song to me was not only amusing, but also very touching. After the birthday song, Billy-Roy's amazing yodeling was like the icing on the cake... what a hoot.

Very special songs they sang...

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Jim and Billy-Roy: Happy Birthday (to Russ)

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Billy-Roy singing "She Taught Me How To Yodel"

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