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~ My Big Birthday Bash ~ Feb.22,2009

Malcolm Edwards - Now for something different… Malcolm was the bandleader of a 7pc group at the Intercontinental Hotel in New Delhi India for 14 years, 6 days a week. He migrated to Canada in 1988 and has played in most hotels, fine dining restaurants, and lounges in Toronto for the first 5 years, and then as a duo called The Soulmates with guitar player/vocalist, Francis Fernandes. An addition to The Soulmates in the last year is myself on sax. Malcolm originally was a bass player, electric bass in his own band and an acoustic bass 14 years in a symphony orchestra, and now plays the keys. He is very entertaining as a vocal impersonator, as you may have heard.

Malcolm Edwards - KORG Synthesizer

Russ - Sax

Some of the tunes we played...
What A Wonderful World
Stay Until Tomorrow
Billie Jean
Kansas City

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