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~ My Big Birthday Bash ~ Feb.22,2009

Ken Losell & The L!NKS - Ken on guitar/vocals has been performing for years and worked with an early version of Canadian country icons Prairie Oyster. He also played with Tomcat, Captain Courageous and other southern Ontario bands. From Toronto, he now lives in Horseshoe Valley.

The name L!NKS is an acronym: L = Losell, N = Numminen (Neil Numminen, occasional bass player), K = King (Dennis on drums), S = Strathdee. This band currently performs roc'n'funk'n'soul'n'blues and original material from Ken's latest CD "There's A Reason" (on which I had the pleasure of playing).

Ken Losell - Guitar / lead vocals
Jon Warren - Bass / vocals
Dennis King - Drums / vocals
Mark Rutherford - Piano
Rolly Platt - Harp (special guest)
Russ - Sax

Some of the tunes we played...
Live It Up - sung by Ken Losell
Walkin' By Myself - sung by Jon Warren
Got A Brand New Walk - Ken Losell
Locked In A Prison Of Love - Dennis King
There's A Reason - Ken Losell
Put It Where You Want It - featuring Roly Platt

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