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December 22, 2023

EHCI Christmas email wishes

Here’s hoping we all enjoy Christmas & the festive season with our families & friends

I’ve heard from quite a few Haigers & things seem well for all

(Al Connolly, Russ Strathdee ,Rod Ranta Tom McQuillan, Dave Crombie to name a few that I keep in touch with.)

Don Brown spent some time in the hospital with heart problems but seems well.

Heather Magwood is selling her camp & moving to a trailer park in Matawawa this spring

Iain Macdonald is well & enjoying Halifax

My best wishes to everyone

I have not planned any reunion luncheon or get-together yet but I’m hoping to have one in the spring – probably mid-May when it is going to happen, I’ll be sure to let everyone know.

I would welcome any ideas.

Stay well & keep in touch

If there is any news you want me to pass on – just let me know

Carl Dell’Agnese

Cell 647-272-9261

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