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Jan.23 Pg ? Seniors Win Basketball 48-30!
Feb.20 Pg 6 VanSeters Unanimous in All-Star Selections
Feb.20 Pg 7 VanSeters wins scoring championship
Mar. 6 Pg ? Gossip: "Over The Pop Bottles" - by Elmer
Mar. 6 Pg 8 What Next - "E.H. Takes Rugby Double Header" - Stan Myers
Mar.13 Pg 3 Fashion Show - by Shirley Marshall
May 8 Pg 1 Joanne Davis, Queen of the Coronation Ball
Oct. 9 Pg 1 Your New President - Bill McLean
Oct. 9 Pg 2 New Student Council - VP Dave Crombie
Oct.30 Pg 4 Meet The Seniors: Bev Ives
Nov.06 Pg 3 Fads & Fashions - by MA'AM
Nov.06 Pg 8 Meet The Seniors - by Ruth Cooney
Dec.11 Pg 1 Front cover

Feb.12 Pg.1 Bowling
Feb.26 Pg.1 Girls Leaders Corp
Dec.17 Pg.1 Gossip

Feb.18 Pg.1 Blue & White editorial staff
Feb.18 Pg.4 Gossip
Apr.22 Pg.8 Sr.Gossip
Apr.22 Pg.9 Sr.Gossip continued
Jun. 3 Pg.1 Chuck Hardy, Earl Haig's Sr.Champ
Nov.14 Pg.1 Majorettes, cheerleaders, football
Nov.14 Pg.8 Sr.Gossip

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