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April 8, 2023


( We are having a turkey dinner, yum, yum )

I talked to the Donalda Club a few days ago. They are now ( after Covid) hosting parties.

I discussed this with some friends and we all agreed that we should hold our annual reunion luncheon in May ( before the summer, rather than wait until the fall ). The last time we got together was 4 years ago, and there has been many changes since then.

I would appreciate a reply or response to this email in the next week or so. If you wish, just phone me on my cell – 647-272-9261

Before we decide, we should know how many Haigers would plan to attend.

The plan would be to have it mid-week during the last 2 weeks of May. We are planning a sit-down lunch rather than a buffet with a choice between a chicken or fish salad.

- Or we could probably just order from their restaurant menu ??

Hopefully the Band will attend and play our old favorite songs again.

I know many have been waiting, as it is always great and a lot of fun. Everyone should make every effort to join us. Please don’t let the cost be a factor in your decision. Hopefully it will work out OK, but who knows ??

So if you have any questions or suggestions please let me know. As I said it is just in the early planning stage now.

Carl Dell'Agnese – 647-272-9261
Russ S. - 705-722-3966

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