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Names List

Thursday, May 8, 2008

This is the list of classmates planning to attend our reunion dinner Tuesday May 13, 2008. As of last night there are over 85 confirmed and at least 10 more probable.

There are still many who have not as yet responded to our invite. A fun night is assured. If you do plan to join us and there is a chance you will, please let us know. It is helpful for arranging the tables, as the restaurant cooks to each order (only the prime rib is prepared in advance) So remember you can attend without confirming, come early and join our party, even if only for a drink.


I am sending out a list of the 1958 grads in a separate email. We have only 14 names on our master list. Since we are honouring them it would be nice to have as many as possible join us. If you do communicate with any or know their whereabouts please make an effort to contact them.




Jack Foote

Jim Smythe (probable)

Nick Purdue

William Withrow


Beverley ‘Paterson’ Wood

Bob Clegg

Bruce & Hazel Manning

Carolyn ‘Connolly’ Macdonald

Dave Rainey

John Dowson

Michael Dowson

Paul Hiscox

Russ Strathdee

Sonny Milne

John & Sue ‘Harding’ Evans-Boxell


Alan & Carol ‘Gill’ Christie

Allan Connolly

Amelia ‘Rossi’ Hillock

Archie Watts

Barbara ‘Carruthers’ Brown

Barbara ‘Foxcroft’ Morley

Barry Ross

Bill & Jackie ‘Chapman’ Bell

Bill & Sue ‘Thomson’ Dunsmoor

Bob Booth

Bob Craig

Bob & Barb ‘McIrvine’ Thatcher

Bob Pemberton

Brian Carter

Bruce Davis

Bruce & Lorraine ‘Smith’ Kleinstuber

Chris Barltrop

Cindy ‘McVeity’ Onstad

Cliff & Betty ’Allen’ Goodman

Dale Fulton

Danny Antonacci

Dave Amer

Dave Dobson

David Anderson

Dave & Shirley ‘Bowden’ Crombie (dinner only)

Denise Wood

Dianne ‘Hiscox’ Klein

Don Cairns

Don & Ann Logan

Don & Elinor ’Barley’ Brown (probable)

Doug Barnard & Marie Thomson

Doug Massey

Doug McAteer

Elaine 'Higgins' Reynolds

Elizabeth ‘O’Malley’ Potash

Elnora ‘Warrack’ Stewart

Fran ‘Jowsey’ Wensley

Fred Gotzmann

Fred & Verna ‘ Risebrough’ Greig

Flo Hanna

Gord Carter

Howie Hiscox

Ian Oliver

Joan ‘Barton’ Chalmers

Joan ‘Trimbee’ Craig (probable)

John Hunter (probable)

John Wood

Judy Bennett – drinks only

Keith Way (probable)

Lavina Lanty

Lorne Redfern (probable)

Lorraine ‘Halsted’ Wood

Lynn ‘Dobbs’ Johnson

Marianne ‘Moreau’ Psica

Mary ‘Dowson’ Harris

Maureen Gilmore

Maureen ‘Gilpin’ McMaster(probable)

Murray & Joanne ‘Davis’ Greenlaw

Nancy ‘Armstrong’ Lewis

Pat ‘Hutchinson’ Davidson

Penny ‘German’ Long

Peter & Andrea ‘Brown’ Journeaux

Peter & Ann ‘Edwards’ Smith

Peter and Pat ‘Sackfield’ Hallam

Peter Skerrett (probable)

Rene ‘Journeaux’ Nielsen

Roberta ‘Anderson’ McCombe

Rod Ranta (probable)

Ron Lillie (probable)

Sheila ‘Maluske’ Galonska

Stan Weisman

Ted McGuirl

Tom McQuillan

Vic Bailey

See News Letter for details.

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