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Names List

As of May 8th, 2012

Alumni planning to attend our reunion luncheon to be held Tuesday May 15th, 2012


Alan & Carol “Gill” Christie
Allan Connolly
Anita “Maki” Walmsley
Barbara “Carruthers” Brown
Barbara “McIrvine” Thatcher
Barbara “Williams” Vivash
Barry Redfern
Beverly “Paterson” Wood
Bill & Jackie “Chapman” Bell
Bill & Susan ”Thomson” Dunsmoor
Bob Booth
Bob & Kathleen Gale
Bob Compton
Bob Hancock
Bob Meadows
Bob Pearson
Bob Pemberton
Bob (& Joan “Trimbee” possible) Craig
Bruce Davis
Bruce & Lorraine “Smith” Kleinstuber
Bruce Manning
Carl Dell’Agnese
Carolyn “Connolly” Macdonald
Chuck & Judy “Crawford” Nash
Danny Antonacci
Dave Amer
Dave Rainey
David Anderson
David & Shirley “Bowden” Crombie
Don & Elinor ”Barley” Brown
Doreen `Taverner` Ryan
Doug McAteer
Elizabeth “O’Malley” Potash
Elnora “Warrick” Stewart
Flo “Young” Hanna
Fran “Jowsey” Wensley
Fred Gotzmann
Heather “Magwood” Wallingford
Ian Oliver
Jack Foote
Janet “Dryburgh” Baker
Jeanne Sloan
Joanne “Brett” McCullough
Joanne “Davis” Greenlaw
John Dowson
John Thornton
John Wood
Lorraine “Halsted” Wood
Loretta “Kemp” Hopkins
Maureen “Gilpin” McMaster
Noel Bambrough - possible
Pat “Hutchinson” Davidson
Paul Hodgkinson
Peter & Andrea “Brown” Journeaux
Peter Skerrett
Rick & Pat `Collins` Lewis
Roberta “Anderson” McCombe
Roger and Elaine "Higgins" Reynolds
Ron Lillie
Sheila “Maluske”Galonska
Sue “Harding” Evans-Boxell
Susie “Schreiber” Weiss
Tom McQuillan
Verna “Risebrough” Greig
Vic Bailey

See News Letter for details.

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