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News Letter March 31, 2006

I have had computer problems, and am sorry to say I have lost several email addresses and/or address changes. Please pass this information on to those you keep in touch with, as I know some will be missed. Carl D.

Our 30th reunion dinner
will be held on
Tuesday May 16,2006 at The Old Scott House
520 Progress Ave. Scarborough - Hwy 401 & Brimley - 416-296-2222

Hi everyone, CARPE DIEM

Last year was our most successful dinner ever. Several were even sitting on the stage, as over 125 attended. Several came from British Columbia, Florida & many other parts of the US & Canada, even one from Costa Rica. Many joined us for the first time. It is really a fun night and should not be missed. We don't expect another record turn-out, but that would be wonderful. Many thanks again to everyone who helped make the night possible. To help with our planning, please RSVP if you intend to join us. However, you will always be welcome, even at the last minute A list of those planning to attend will be posted on our website. PLEASE MARK THE DATE ON YOUR CALENDER.

Joining us for the first time will be Reverend Iain Macdonald, who is retired and lives in Nova Scotia. Not everyone will remember him, as he was only at the Haig for one year, 1955-6. He is really excited about attending and seeing many old friends. He remembers how well the students at EHCI welcomed him, [similar to Allan Tweddle]. He has wanted to join us for the last few years, and finally this year he and his wife are able to join us.

Highlights last year included:

  • Tributes to William Withrow (he was awarded the INK POT TROPHY) and all his art class students; Joe Kane and that great junior football team; the graduation class of 1955 including the girls of the 12C Commercial Class, on their 50th anniversary.
  • The 'coup de gras', for many however, was our own band, the "Haiger All-Stars", playing together for the first time. I want to mention their names, as they have agreed to play for us again this year: Russ Strathdee (also our webmaster) Jack Hansen, Paul Hiscox, Bob Clegg, John and Michael Dowson. It involves bringing their instruments, travelling time and missing out on time for themselves to mingle and enjoy. It seems they had as much fun playing together as we did listening and dancing to them. Last year many were not even aware that they were playing in the lounge downstairs, and as a result did not hear them.

  • I suggest those who plan to attend this year, come early for cocktails and to listen to our band and/or dance. They are really great. I'm sure they will again be one of the highlights of the evening.

    Please sign in upstairs and pay the $ 55.00 [which covers dinner, dessert and a drink including tip & taxes]. Please use your drink ticket upstairs, then go to the lounge downstairs to listen to the band.

    This year we will be honouring the 50th anniversary of the 1956 graduating class & Earl Haig's "Sweetheart Couples". With a few exceptions most will soon be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversity. Here are the names we have so far...

    Adell Fisher & Bob Pearson
    Ann Edwards & Peter Smith
    Audrey Johnston & Larry Long
    Barbara Murray & Mike Graham
    Diane Lethbridge & John Hunter
    Donna McKay & George Meadows
    Elinor Barley & Don Brown
    Elizabeth Shea & Ron Stryker
    Flo Young – [Gary Hanna]
    Jackie Chapman & Bill Bell
    Jane Conniche & John Sanderson
    Janet Dryburgh – [Dick Baker]
    Joan Bales & Bob Jarvis
    Joan Trimbee & Bob Craig
    Judy Crawford & Chuck Nash
    June & William Withrow
    Lorraine Smith & Bruce Kleinstuber
    Marilyn Creagh & Jim Ives
    Mary Dowson & Ray Harris
    Pat Collins & Rick Lewis
    Penny Robertson & Bob Richardson
    Sandra Sider & David McKay
    Sandy Stewart & Willy Webster
    Shirley Bowden & David Crombie
    Shirley Marshall & Dave Dunstan
    Shirley ’McDowell’ & Harry Doan
    Sue Thomson & Bill Dunsmoor

    Bill and June
    Bill and June Withrow
    Our apologies to those we may have forgotten or missed. If you know or remember others, please let us know, and also let them know about our dinner. Most have attended at least once, but here's hoping they will all join us this year.

    To my knowledge the only sad news to report is the passing of Ross Mountsteven.

    Carl Dell'Agnese

    Committee, volunteers:
    Sue "Harding", Carolyn "Connolly", Russ Strathdee, Sue "Thomson", Beverley "Paterson", Dave Rainey

    RSVP - office 416-757-4550, fax 416-751-8967, email - use Contact page.

    05-Jun-2005 08:43 AM:
    Click here to see pictures from our 2005 Reunion

    Fun, entertaining, emotional, good food, laughter, great music, this night had it all. We thank everyone for their kind words, both spoken and written in telling us how much they appreciate our efforts in organizing such a night.

    It was crowded, as we knew it would be. And yes we did have people sitting on the stage: 128 for dinner, the most ever (last year 107). We did have a plan, but there was a little confusion as we attempted to be seated for dinner. It was great fun anyway.

    The "Haiger All Stars Band" was a wonderful addition to the night's enjoyment, whether you just listened to the music, or got up and danced. They played for us before and after the dinner. Our extra special thanks to: Russ Strathdee, Jack Hansen, Paul Hiscox, Bob Clegg, John & Michael Dowson. Amazingly, it was the first time they had performed together, their talents are obvious. They are, in my humble opinion, as good as it gets. We are hoping to entice them back again next year. Unfortunately many were unaware or didn't "seize" the opportunity to go down to the lounge and listen. The main regret I personally have of the evening, besides not being able to spend more time mingling, was not being able to stay down in the lounge, listen to them play, and dance to some great tunes.

    Another special highlight was the awarding of the "Ink Pot Trophy" to William Withrow. The comments by former students and Art Club members were both emotional and wonderful at the same time. They were recorded and are on our website.

    For the second year in a row there were over 20 attending for the first time. That really adds to the excitement. The list will be on our website. Best wishes were sent to all of us from some who couldn't attend because of health problems, or were travelling on a holiday or business trip.

    Again in my speech I forgot to thank everyone for helping out. Special thanks obviously go to:

  • Russ Strathdee for our website and for thinking about, organizing and then making the band happen.
  • Sue "Harding" for our master mailing list, keeping up with all the changes, helping with the poster boards.
  • Carolyn "Connolly" for the poster boards and our overall planning;
  • Beverley "Paterson", Dave Rainey and Mr. Jim Smythe for registering, name tags and keeping track of the money. It always balances to the penny.

    Speaking of money, I forgot to tell everyone that Tom McQuillan most generously paid this year's expenses. In the past, it was Bruce Clarke, then I. Recently Bill & Sue Dunsmoor, last year Howie Hiscox, next year? Any and all contributions would be most welcome and appreciated.

    This is only a quick summary of the events. More details will follow. There are already 95 pictures on our website. Names and more pictures will be added soon. I noticed quite a few taking pictures. If they were digital please email them to us so we can all enjoy them. If a regular camera, send us the prints (we will return them) and we will scan them for display on our website.

    Again thanks to Russ for his time and effort in putting the tape recording of the evening's events on the website. It was my first attempt and it was poorly conceived. He did an amazing job getting the quality to where it is. Go to PHOTOS - 2005 REUNION and click on "Sound Clips".

    Several classmates) are writing us with their thoughts on the night. We would urge everyone to do this. We will be putting some of these comments on the website, so we can again share with those who weren't able to attend.

    CARPE DIEM - Carl D.

    List of everyone who attended
    * = first time attendees

    The "Haiger All-Stars" alumni band:
    * Michael Dowson (piano)
    - John Dowson (bass)- Newmarket
    - Jack Hansen (drums)
    * Paul Hiscox (vibes)- Owen Sound
    * Bob Clegg (trumpet)
    - Russ Strathdee (sax)- Barrie

    William Withrow & wife June
    Jim Smythe from Newmarket
    Jack Foote
    Marsh Morris
    * Bill Myers from Maple
    * Ruth "Bronson" from Costa Rica
    Sue "Harding"
    Al Connolly from Vancouver
    Carolyn "Connolly"
    Don & Elinor"Barley" Brown from Lindsay
    * Marsha "Stott" from Fraserville
    Ian Oliver
    Bruce & Lorraine "Smith"Kleinstuber, Guelph
    Anita "Maki"
    Joanne "Brett" from Gilford
    Lorne Redfern from Norwood
    Tom McQuillan
    Bob Meadows from Bobcaygeon
    Allan Tweddle from Charleston, W.Virginia
    Lorraine "Halsted"
    Betty "McVeity" from Vancouver
    Cindy "McVeity" from Vancouver
    * Dave Dobson
    * John Musgrave
    Bob Hancock from Banff,Alberta
    Helen "Parker" & husband Jack from Gilmour
    Sylvia "McLennan" from Homosassa, Florida
    Dianne "Hiscox"
    Don Cairns
    Fred Gotzmann
    Bill & Sue "Thomson" Dunsmoor
    Bob Booth from Collingwood
    Flo "Young"
    Agnes "Parsons" from Brighton
    Warren Claxton
    Denise Wood
    John Wood from Ripley
    Barbara "McIrvine" & husband Bob
    * Stan Myers from Keswick
    * Heather "Macdonald" from Ottawa
    Alan Christie & wife Carol "Gill"
    Beverley "Paterson" from Aurora
    * Brian Carrier & wife from Bayfield
    Dave Rainey
    Ruth "Crombie"
    George Colson
    Lorna "Monkman" from Port Carling
    * Barbara "Carmichael" from Kitchener
    Doug Massey
    Ann "Inch" from Oakville
    Charlie & Ann "Weeks" Darling, Orillia
    Joanne "Rudd" from Los Gatos, California
    Paul Hodgkinson from Palgrave
    * Carol "Brown" from Collingwood
    Doreen "Taverner"
    Elnora "Warrick"
    Bob Craig
    Bob Pemberton
    Barbara Martin & husband from Aurora
    Roma Sauro
    Ted McGuirl
    Barbara "Williams"
    June "McAuley" from Meaford
    Marilyn "Bolland"
    Shirley "Marshall" from Barrie
    Maureen "Gilpin"
    * John Pavey ('55) from Maberly, Ont
    Doreen "Eaton" from Carp,Ont
    * Bruce Manning ('57)
    * Robin Miller ('57) & wife from Pembroke
    Vic Bailey
    * Ed Rohacek
    Joanne "Davis" from Ballantrae
    Sheila "Maluske"
    Andrea "Brown" & husband Peter Journeaux
    * Rene "Journeaux" from Chelsea, Quebec
    Elaine "Higgins" from Welland
    Ilene "Kunkel"
    Pat "Sackfield" & husband Peter Hallam
    Doug Bernard & wife
    Barbara "Foxcroft"
    * Diane "Grimshaw" & husband from Calgary
    * Ned McLennan
    Doug McAteer
    * Marion McCabe" from Vancouver
    Fran "Jowsey"
    Judy "Jowsey" from Aurora
    Nancy "Armstrong" from Bowmanville
    * Marilyn "Carruthers"
    Alison "Clare" from Vancouver
    Dave & Shirley "Bowden" Crombie
    Chuck & Judy"Crawford" Nash
    Marilyn "McLean" from Bowmanville
    * Sam Disera
    Rod Ranta from Wasaga Beach
    * Verna "Risebrough" Greig from Peterborough
    * Ed Carter from Orillia
    Doug Walmsley from Everett
    * Dave Amer
    Roberta "Anderson" McCombe
    Ron Moore from Whitby
    * Gail "Burns"
    * Alan Sumpter
    Bob & Adele"Fisher"Pearson from Kingston
    Bruce Davis from Brooklin, Ontario

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