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June 27,2007


Just a note to let everyone know, the pictures from our reunion dinner are now on our website.

Click on ‘PHOTOS’ à ‘Reunion Photos Online’ à Snapfish logo
à Logon with user name =
alumni@earlhaig50s.com and password = rockon.
If you have any problems or questions, please let me know.

Thanks to Verna Greig, Bob Craig, Bob Pemberton, Shirley Deasley and Mary Harris for sharing their pictures with us.

Our dinner was a lot of fun as usual, with 87 attending. We will have a list of those who attended posted on our site.

Thanks to all our volunteers for making the night a success, Russ, Sue, Carolyn, Bev & Dave, Sue & Bill. The band was again a big hit. We received a generous donation (grateful for his memorable years at EHCI) to pay for the dinners of all band members. It was most appreciated by them. They were an important part of our evening. Practising, bringing and setting up their instruments in order to entertain us during our pre-dinner mingling - and one not even a "Haiger". I know we all appreciated them.

Festivities started with the introduction of first time attendee Barry Redfern. He owns a bar "Ana Banana"in Mexico.

Sue introduced the 1957 gradution class. Noel Bambrough, now living in Florida and Bob Pearson spoke.

We again had a 50/50 draw, won by Chuck Nash. Our share paid most of the expenses.

We all agreed, it would be better to set a specific date each year. Everyone can then plan any trips around our dinner. We did a "show-of-hands" vote & decided the 2nd Tuesday of May would be best for the majority. So remember that date, mark it on your calendar & hope to see you all next year.

I received 2 emails I would like to share

The first one from Howie Hiscox - who recently underwent heart surgery & is recovering nicely.

Sounds like another great success Carl. 364 more sleeps and I'll be ready for the next one.
Many thanks to you and all, for the card of well wishes.
Come July 13, I should be able to start carrying my clubs again!!!
Again, many thanks.

The second one from Barry Redfern

I am really pleased that I was able to attend the reunion after so many years. Cannot
really tell you how "at home" I felt and many thanks to you for making me
feel so welcome. Our bar is still open during the summer and we may keep it
open through July and August if my wife Ana cannot come back to Canada with
me. Our busy season starts in mid October and goes through til after Easter
when it starts to slow down.
We are located in the village of La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, a short
distance from PuertoVallarta and if anyone has time to visit I would be really pleased
to see them. Ana who is Mexican, has heard all about the school and the
reunion and has seen the photos that have been posted - She cannot believe I
was once that young!!! Be well my friend and to you and all the
people that assisted you on the committee - many thanks for a job well done
and for your hospitalty. A VERY SPECIAL TIME FOR ME.
Best regards,

And from Agnes 'Parsons' Minardi -

"Thanks to all for the card of well wishes. It made me both laugh & tear".
Agnes is recovering nicely, after her 6th back operation.

It was most interesting to me that the common theme in all three impromptu speeches, was the great importance of our EHCI years and memories to each of them. Not only did they enjoy seeing everyone present, but all reflected on those who had passed away, or weren’t attending that night. Bob Pearson attends quite often, Noel has visited several times over the years and Barry hasn’t seen most of us in over 50 years, yet the theme of their speeches was the same.

Please take a minute when you visit the website to sign the Guestbook.

Thank you


Happy holidays to all,

Carl D.

List of attendees - 2007 reunion dinner of May 15


The "Haigers All-Star" band
- Bob Clegg (trumpet) - Toronto
- John Dowson (bass) - Newmarket
- Sonny Milne (drums) - Toronto
- Michael Dowson (piano) - Burlington
- Paul Hiscox (vibes) - Owen Sound
- Russ Strathdee (sax)- Barrie
- Bruce Manning (banjo)- Willowdale

Alan and Carol 'Gill' Christie
Allan Connolly
Barbara `Carruthers` Brown
Barbara 'McIrvine' Thatcher
Barbara 'Williams' Vivash
Barrie and June 'McAuley' Gray
Barry Redfern
Beverley 'Paterson' Wood
Bill and Sue `Thomson` Dunsmoor
Bob Booth
Bob and Adell 'Fisher' Pearson
Bob Gale
Bob Craig
Bob Pemberton
Bruce and Lorraine 'Smith' Kleinstuber
Bob Hancock
Brian Carter
Carl and Marion Dell`Agnese
Carolyn 'Connolly' Macdonald
Chuck Nash
Dale Fulton
Danny Antonacci
Dave Amer
Dave Rainey
David Anderson
David and Judy 'Jowsey' McKee
Denise Wood
Don Logan
Don and Elinor 'Barley' Brown
Doug Massey
Doug McAteer
Elnora 'Warrack' Stewart
Flo 'Young' Hanna
Fran 'Jowsey' Wensley
Fred and Verna `Risebrough` Greig
George Colson
Gord McLean
Joanne 'Davis' Greenlaw
John and Sue `Harding` Evans-Boxell
John Wood
Keith Way
Liz 'O'Malley' Potash
Marilyn Simser
Mary `Dowson`Harris
Maureen 'Gilpin' McMaster
Mike and Barbara 'Murray' Graham
Nancy 'Armstrong' Lewis
Noel Bambrough
Paul Hodgkinson
Peter and Andrea `Brown` Journeaux
Peter and Ann `Edwards` Smith
Peter and Pat 'Sackfield' Hallam
Rene `Journeaux` Nielsen
Roberta 'Anderson' McCombe
Robin and Donna Miller
Rod Ranta
Roger and Elaine 'Higgins' Reynolds
Sheila Golanska
Shirley `Harris` Deasly
Shirley 'Marshall' Dunstan
Ted McGuirl
Tom McQuillan
Vic Bailey
Warren Claxton
Willy and Sandy 'Stewart' Webster
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A News Letter from Sue Harding…

Hi Everyone,

Carl, Russ, Carolyn and I are just beginning to talk about plans for next year's EHCI Dinner. As I reflect back on our 2006 Dinner in May and look at the pictures, I remember the fun of planning this event, the evening itself, our alumni band downstairs, seeing friends and catching up. I remember the fun that Carolyn Connolly, Sue Dunsmoor and I had keeping a "special secret" from Carl Dell'Agnese! This was not easy to do, as he has the most incredible instincts when the topic is EHCI!

As a planning group we decided the theme for 2006 would be to honour two groups: Firstly, the EHCI Sweethearts in our 50's group who married and who already have, or soon will, celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversaries. Secondly, to honour / pay tribute to the "originator" of this annual dinner, Bruce Clarke, AND ALSO (this is the "special secret") to honour the person who has worked so hard to maintain it for all these years, CARL! Carl did not know we would be including him.

Our first 50/50 Draw was a great success and the winner of $750 was Bill Withrow (last year's InkPot honouree - how lucky can you get?). Bill was, of course, with his sweetheart, now lovely wife, June. Bill and June, by the way, are our longest standing / senior Sweetheart couple!

Most of us remember the InkPot, but few of us actually know how it originated, so let me give you a bit of a "History" lesson (with apologies to Ms McLeod).

In 1952 Earl Haig and Bathurst Heights shared EHCI's building, while Bathurst was being completed. Bathurst drew the early shift from 8 to 1 and Earl Haig went 1 to 6. The rivalry began!

Two of the teachers Mr. Dear, and Mr. Jackson decided to "fuel" the competition. They got a plaque, and ½ an inkpot, put them together and designed the "InkPot Trophy" to be given to the school with the highest combined total of Senior and Junior Football match-ups in a year.

The battle for the trophy was played at Earl Haig and Bathurst alternately. In November of '55, it was at Bathurst. Seven busloads of Haigers supported our team.

Each year until 1956, the InkPot was awarded to Bathurst's or Earl Haig's Football teams. Then it lay forgotten.

It's use as an award was revived many years later to honour certain individuals and groups who had contributed to make life memorable at EHCI. It became a symbol of all that made our years at the Haig such fun, and a means to encourage people to get together each year for dinner.

Another bit of history…

Over 30 years ago, since their birthdays fell within a 5-day period, Dave Crombie, Chuck Hardy and Jim Anderson celebrated their 40th together with some of their friends. Over the next few years a group of the guys continued to meet for lunches and at Christmas. Bruce Clarke, being the go-getter that he was, began to ensure that the group met at least once a year. Gradually he contacted more and more fellows, and the group became the 'Earl Haig Old Boys', their coaches and teachers of the 50's. They used to meet at Tom Jones Steak House, gathering first at the bar up and moving to another room for their dinner. One year, they even carried Major Young in his wheelchair.

At first, Bruce did the majority of the work, and Carl's name appeared on the letter. [He assures me that it was only because he had the contacts in the restaurant business!] But Carl's wife Marion, and Bruce's wife Marlene are the best of friends. They saw each other more often, and gradually Carl began to take on part of the organizing too! Bruce and Carl gathered names from a variety of lists. One year they decided to invite the 'girls' Only 4 came, so they decided this was a 'flop', and went back to their Men-Only group.

In the mid-90's, Bruce's daughter updated the list for them. Shortly afterward, Bruce passed away, and Carl continued his great work. Carl made it his mission to bring all of the 50's group together, including the women. Names and lists were gathered and put together, and in 2000, the women were invited. 6 years later, we had over 100 at dinner, and a Master list of over 320 names.

Putting our two History lessons together, leads us to 2006's Special Honourees; Bruce Clarke for his diligence, organization and persistence in getting this group going, and Carl Dell'Agnese for continuing and expanding the tradition. Many of us enjoy these dinners because Carl has contacted us personally, not once, but possibly several times, by emails, letters and phone calls.

It was also decided to retire the InkPot Trophy that year. Bill Dunsmoor said it best at one of our planning meetings, "We realize that the success of these gatherings is due not just to one or two people, but to everyone who comes together each year to celebrate our years at high school, and the friendships we've made and renewed." So now the InkPot Trophy has a permanent home with Carl.

We are looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible at this year's dinner on May 15, 2007. Mark you calendars now!

Carpe Diem
- Sue