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Monday June 9, 2008

Just a quick note.

Pictures from our 2008 reunion dinner are now on our website. Thanks to Verna ‘Risebrough’ Greig and Bob Craig we have over 160 pictures from the 2008 reunion dinner! More have been promised and when I receive them they will also be uploaded to our site

Russ made it very easy

Just click on the Photos button.

To see photos, click: Reunion Photos online (courtesy of Snapfish.com)
Click on the Snapfish logo – add the password --- rockon

If you have any problems just email me & I should be able to help.

I also thought you might be interested in the following May 31st article from The Globe and Mail -- about our own David Crombie.


- Save school pools
- Revitalize Oshawa's waterfront
- Establish Toronto history museum
- Settle native land claim in Mississauga
- Sell off surplus school-board land

David Crombie was in the midst of a story about a recent school-board meeting, recounting the hands he shook, the hellos he exchanged with trustees who are sons and grandsons of old political colleagues, when he tossed out a casual aside. ''By the way,'' he said, ''they've agreed not to drain the pools this summer.

Just click-on the link below


Carl Dell’Agnese