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December 20, 2009

I’m so happy to say we had a most successful dinner again this year. The decision to hold it at the Donalda Club turned out even better than we had hoped. The spacious dining room with the round tables, the lounges, patio, band location, washrooms, all on one floor, were all part of creating a most comfortable atmosphere, that fit our needs perfectly. The food was great.

Both by email and phone, many made a point of telling us how much they enjoyed the evening and all suggesting we hold it there again next year.

Note: We have already booked Donalda for next year… May 11, 2010 - the 2nd Tuesday in May. Please mark this date on your calendar.

For those who didn’t join us, I will briefly outline some highlights of our last get-together, but you really had to be there. The band was great as usual and they are a big part of the evening.

I asked my daughter, Tina, to come before the dinner to take pictures of everyone as they signed in. It was impossible, as even before people signed in, it was all smiles, mingling, laughter and hugs. She said you could tell immediately that everyone was very comfortable and all were there for a fun evening.

We had 94 for dinner. Unfortunately, several cancelled at the last minute, all due to minor health problems.

I’m delighted to say all sent in their money to cover our costs, as we had a guarantee for 100.

We had some attending for the first time and some who hadn’t attended for several years:

Diane ‘Brown’, Doreen ‘Eaton’, Heather ‘Magwood’, June ‘McAuley’, Loretta ‘Kemp’, Lorne Redfern, Ruth ‘Crombie’, Terry ‘Sinclair’ - to name a few.

We resurrected "the giving of the INK POT", this year paying tribute to the teachers who attended:

  • Nick Purdue is 90 and still doing great;
  • Jim Smythe taught at the Haig for 27 years;
  • Jack Foote never misses our dinner;
  • Bill Withrow wasn’t feeling well, but says he will be there next year.

Elinor ‘Barley’ Brown spoke about Nick. Her speech is also on our website (under Photos: 2009 Reunion). One of the highlights to me was seeing the expression and smiles on Mr. Perdue's face as he listened to Elinor speak.

All were very appreciative of the tribute and each teacher will share in holding the trophy throughout this year.

One thing that made the evening different and special…

We had planned a slide show of pictures from our school days, Delphian, Blue and White, personal pictures, etc. Unfortunately, I was unable to put it all together in time. This resulted in the idea that instead of viewing the pictures as planned to refresh old memories, I would just mention a name. Starting with the teachers, I would wait 10 or 15 seconds, so we would each then have a picture in our mind with our own personal memories. I started with Major Young, and immediately there were many great comments. It brought both smiles and laughter. Before I could mention another name, Dave Dobson shouted out ‘What about ‘Sally Fox’. It was amazing. I didn’t get a chance to mention another name. The audience participation was quite remarkable! After several comments for each name, another name would be shouted out, again more stories, many very funny. This continued for quite a while and I know everyone enjoyed this part of the evening. Again you really had to be there.

Al Connolly recommended a book for each of us to read. "The Brain That Changes Itself " by Norman Doidge, M.D. It was on the New York Times Bestseller List and is very enlightening, especially to our generation. I know both Bob Craig and Dave Dobson read it soon after Al mentioned it. Both think it is well worth the read.

Doug Walmsley did a fantastic job in selling the draw tickets for the Donalda Club Golf Passes. Many bought tickets, even though they aren’t golfers, but wanted to participate and help in raising money for our reunion costs. We really appreciate everyone’s participation. Don Brown was the lucky winner. As often happens, he is not really a golfer and lives in Lindsay.

Bill Dunsmoor and Carol ‘Gill’ also did a great job in selling the 50/50 draw tickets. Again the participation was terrific. Bob Thompson was the lucky winner and immediately contributed it to help with our costs.

It was a very generous gesture and much appreciated.

It was really great to have Heather ‘Magwood’ Wallingford, join us for the first time. She has 5 adopted children and 7 grandchildren. She still is a very vibrant and energetic person. She was very much a joy to everyone who talked to her. Here’s hoping she attends again next year.

Special thanks to all the band members and our volunteer committee members, who all help make the night

so much fun. Also, to the Dunsmoors for donating the Golf Passes and in making the arrangements at the Donalda Club.

If you haven’t already done so, check out the many pictures on our website. Thanks to Verna 'Risebrough',

Bob Craig and Dave Dobson for the pictures. Dave Dobson’s comment when he emailed his pictures to me "WASN’T THAT A PARTY!"

We've added several more pictures to the website. Look under PHOTOS: "Vintage Pics" and "Current Pics".

Next year will be our 10-year anniversary in which the women have been part of this annual reunion dinner.

No definite plans yet, but they will be part of the focus at next year’s dinner. If anyone has any ideas, please contact a committee member.

Sad news- Bill McLean, Ted Ritcey, Mr.Lemmer and Dale Fulton (just last week) have passed away.

Our committee members wish everyone a very healthy and happy holiday season, and hope to see everyone again in May.

- Carl Dell’Agnese

Your Homework assignment: Make 2010 the best year of your life!

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There is much to see on our website, although most are interested in the pictures. In the interim I thought you might enjoy seeing the many (239) pictures already uploaded to our website now. Verna Greig, Bob Craig, Don Logan all sent their pictures. There are also some taken by my daughter Tina.

If you follow the step by step instructions that follow, you should be able to access them.

After you click on ENTER to get into our web site

Click on ‘PHOTOS’


Click on -- ‘SNAPFISH LOGO’

Key in email address = alumni@earlhaig50s.com, password = rockon

- then click - Log In

Most important: To navigate to another photo album, click on "photo library"

Note: if you click on Slide Show – the names are not displayed, by clicking ‘next’ they are.

If you still have problems – email me

Carl D.