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This year's reunion will be a luncheon at
the Donalda Club, 12 Bushbury Drive, Don Mills
Hwys.401 & 404 (Don Valley Parkway) on

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

12:00 noon - Signing-in - Our band playing
Mingling & Refreshments 1.00 pm - Lunch

Hi Everyone

Just over a week to go before our reunion lunch.
As of now, there is just 50 who have replied to say they plan to attend.
A list of names will be at the end of this letter.
For the last few years there has been about 65 joining in the fun.

I know I have not kept up with the address & email changes exactly & have missed some for sure, (especially now that Sue is away), but not enough to account for the drop in those planning to attend. We are getting older & may have trouble travelling.

Hopefully it is not because of serious health problems. When you check the list you may see some schoolmates who would like to join in the fun but are not aware of the luncheon – please contact them & let them know they are most welcome. 13 have emailed to say they will not be attending for various reasons.

Below is part of an email I just received from Sue.
She has been travelling around North America for over a year.
Have a wonderful Luncheon. Say Hi to everyone for me. I am sorry to miss it, but we will still be in the US on our way up to Canada. We are staying in the West this summer, planning to go up to the Yukon, and visit western friends and relatives. Stay well. Cheers Sue

If you are attending please check to make sure your name is on the list below,
& if you still are planning to join us let me know soon as you can,
the Donalda Club would like to have the final numbers by the end of next week.

Allan Connolly
Andea ‘Brown’ & Peter Journeaux
Anita ‘Maki’ Walmsley
Barbara ‘Carruthers’ Brown
Barbara ‘Irvine’ Thatcher
Beverley ‘Paterson’ Wood
Bill & Susan ‘Thomson’ Dunsmoor
Bob Craig
Bob Hancock
Bob Pemberton
Bruce & Loraine ‘Smith’ Kleinstuber
Carolyn ‘Connolly’ Macdonald
Danny Antonacci
Dave Amer
Dave Crombie
Dave Rainey
David Anderson
Dianne ‘ Hiscox’ Klein
Don & Elinor ‘Barley’ Brown
Doreen ‘Tavernor’ Ryan
Doug McAteer
Elnora ‘Warrack’ Stewart
Fran ‘Jowsey’ Wensley
Fred Gotzmann
Gail McKenzie
Heather ‘Magwood’ Wallingford
Ian Oliver
Jack Foote
Joan ‘Barton’ Chalmers \
John Wood
Lorraine ‘Halsted’ Wood
Marilyn Dyke
Maureen ‘Gilpin’ McMaster
Pat ‘Hutchinson’ Davidson
Pat McKenzie
Paul Hiscox
Peter Salmond
Rick & Pat ‘Collins’ Lewis
Roberta ‘Anderson’ McCombe
Roger & Elaine ‘Higgins’ Reynolds
Ron Moore
Russ Strathdee
Sheila ‘Maluske’ Galonska
Sonny Milne
Vic Bailey


If you have any questions, just call or email me

Carl Dell'Agnese - on behalf of the committee
- office 416-757-4550
- fax 416-751-8967
- Email - delkem@interlinks.net