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EHCI Luncheon May 2017

Hi Folks,

Once again a wonderful afternoon of fun, friendship, fellowship, great music, from our own Russ and the Boys, and good food were enjoyed by EHCI ’50’s Alumni. Group, changed and reformed as everyone got caught up with friends. It is remarkable that 56  people from around the province came together for lunch at the Donalda Club.

Even more remarkable were the large number of our classmates who would have liked to join us but for a wide variety of reason - sent their regrets.Jackie (Chapman) Bell is in southern France until the end of June (perfectly acceptable reason). Many hope to join us next year.

After a delicious lunch, John Dowson  showed us a slide show of pictures of school and students from the early 50’s.( the lighting hindered the quality) but it was nice of him to try and Russ gave us a brief overview of the website, and how to access it and use it. Bob Pearson talked about his family’s foundation – for Juvenile Diabetes .They have already raised close to  $ 800.000 & continue to do so. His granddaughter contacted the disease at 9.

We were saddened to hear Carl read the list of classmates who are no longer with us: ….




Hi again – some additional notes from me – Carl

I asked Sue to write a brief summary of the afternoon for me, (above) as I missed both Russ & Bob’s talk - & didn’t want to forget anything.

Her quick summary basically covers everything - I only have a few more comments to make now.

It was a real surprise to me this year to get so many classmates sending me their regrets. 55 – the same number as  attended.

Some from people I haven’t heard from in many, many years. Most sent their best wishes to everyone.

Thankfully only 3 or 4 have any health problems

It made me very happy  because I send email invitations to so many & hardly get any responses other than from the “regulars”.  

I’m never sure if that person has received it, has moved, is not interested or is still alive.

We did have what I call “regulars” of  between  50 - 60,  but this year the opposite happened

– several of them never responded.  See the list ...


All of the comments I received said it was a most enjoyable luncheon and many plan to attend next year.


Bob Craig will be sending me pictures he took at the luncheon and I also took a few with my phone.

I already have a couple of pictures sent to me from Verna and Joanne ‘Brett’.  Russ will be putting them on the website soon.

So check the website periodically. We don’t make use of our website enough, so if you have some pictures, vintage or recent or other information you would or could share with us, please send them to either Russ or myself.

I do want to mention that Tom McQuillan brought his older brother this year for the first time, Bob will be 90 in July.

Russ has put copies of the posters that were on display from Mary ‘Dowson’ Al Connolly & Bob Pearson ( a must read)

on our website , just click on this link    http://www.rstrathdee.com/earlhaig/news.htm

As we receive items of interest to us all – Russ will add them to this  NEWS section


Mary ‘Dowson’ sent me a trivia question --  the correct answer still hasn’t been determined.

Who wrote the music & /or words to our  school song?    If you think you know the answer let me know.


Many of you probably don’t know that Alan Christie  (husband of Carol “Gill”) passed away recently

As many are asking for details, Carol asked me to send a note to everyone about his
Celebration of Life Remembrance taking place on June 4th    
at the Donalda Club from 1.00 to 4.00,  Moments of Remembrance at 2.00 P.M.

If you plan to attend and/or  wish contact her please do

Her email address is    cchri4689@aol.com

Carl Dell’Agnese
delkem@interlinks net