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Thursday May 17, 2018
Hi all

It was a fun luncheon as usual. Fifty-Four attended, even though we had several last minute cancellations. We were happy to see several who hadn't been for many years. Quite a few of our regulars didn't make it this year. Everyone seemed happy with the change to a simple buffet, as it allowed more time to mingle with our schoolmates.

If interested, click on this link for list of All Who Attended/Regrets: Click here

We were very happy to have Fred & Verna Greig's son, Warren (great musician) join the band.

They were as good as always & most appreciated by everyone.

Bill Dunsmoor told us of his recent experience. He had a minor change in his health, ignored it for a while, and when he did see a doctor, was very fortunate to have a serious health risk corrected. So, his message is, " if you notice any change, don't wait, have it checked by your doctor right away". Great advice.

Heather 'Magwood' Wallingford talked to us about “Balance”. It was very informative and timely. I think most of us have the problem. (especially me). She mentioned the many parts of our body that affect our balance and demonstrated the many simple exercises that will help. Even if you only did 3 or 4 of them, it will make a difference. She handed out a leaflet to everyone with details.

Ted McQuirl gave everyone a copy of the book "Mike, The Stray Dog" written by his father in 1952.. It tells the story of Ted as a child & his dog Mike, some history of Langstaff from our era. It should make a very interesting read for you & your grandchildren.

Verna Greig took many pictures & Russ will put them on our website soon.

Many thanks to Bill, Heather, Ted, Verna, Warren, Beverley Paterson & all the band members Russ Strathdee, John Dowson, Bob Clegg, Warren Greig & our import drummer George Bauman.

Carl D. -- Stay well – CARPE DIEM

Sad news Michael ‘Keyes’ Dowson passed away May 13.

He will be missed. Watch his video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8exmvADKCYE