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Luncheon at the Donalda Club, 12 Bushbury Drive, Don Mills
Tuesday May 14,2019
12:00 noon - signing-in, mingling & refreshments, open bar, BAND PLAYING
Lunch around 1.00, open buffet, after the band plays

I hope everyone had a nice Easter

In less than 3 weeks – Tuesday May 14 - we will be having our annual reunion luncheon at the Donalda Club.
A simple buffet – same as last year. Everyone seemed to enjoy it last year and thought it was a good change. Cost $ 50.00.

Our "Haiger All-Stars" band will be returning. Thanks to trumpeter Bob Clegg, we have a couple of non-haiger imports this year, but it's worth it.

Many have not responded to the Feb.22 email. If you do plan to attend please let me know ASAP. I have to let the Donalda Club know how many to prepare for by May 10.

Check the lists below, if your name isn’t on either one, please let me know. I have a new computer & some info didn’t get transferred completely. Also my email goes to 2 different computers & sometimes doesn’t get forwarded at all.

Allan Tweddle – possible
Andrea ‘Brown’ Journeaux
Barb ‘McIrvine’ Thatcher (& friend Bill McIlroy)
Beverly ‘Paterson’ Wood
Bob Craig
Bob Meadows – possible – hip replacement
Carol ‘Gill’ Christie
Sue ‘Harding’ Evans-Boxell
Susan’Thomson’ Dunsmoor – probable
Dave Amer
Dave Crombie
Don & Elinor ’Barley’ Brown
Doug McAteer
Flo Hanna
Fran ‘Jowsey’ Wensley – possible – knee replacement
Fred Gotzmann
Gail & Pat McKenzie
Gord Carter
Heather ‘Magwood’ Wallingford
Howie Hiscox
John Dowson
Liz ‘O’Malley’ Potash
Fred Disera - Bathurst Heights
Russ Strathdee
Tom McQuillan
Vic Bailey
Willy & Sandra Webster
Roberta ‘Anderson’ McCombe
David Anderson
Jack Foote – teacher – 95 years old
John T.Minarik – EHCI late 40’s (friend of Doug McAteer & Don Brown)
Brian Mattheson
Goldie ‘Carnegie’ St.Jacques
Cathy ‘Campbell’ Filman
Silvia ‘ Carson’ Pal
Bob Pearson
Lorraine ‘ Halsted’ Wood
Sheila ‘ Maluske’ Galuska
Pat ‘Hutchinson’ Davidson
Barbara ‘Carruthers’ Brown
Diane ‘Hiscox’ Klein
Ian Oliver
Maureen ‘Gilpin’ McMaster
Bob Hancock

Allan Connolly
Barry Kerr
Carolyn Connolly
Geraldine Mousley
Joanne ‘Rudd’ Basset
John Vetere
Marion ‘McCabe’ North
Verna ‘Risebrough’ Greig
Jackie ‘Chapman’ Bell
Stan Myers
Brian Carter
Anne ‘Inch’ Lewis
Lynn ‘Johnson’ Dobbs
Jane ‘Taylor’ Elliott
Penny ‘ Abernathy’ Hori
Peter Salmond
Roy Jones
Brian Purdy
Loretta ‘ Kemp’ Hopkins
Bonnie ‘Brooks’ Ayre
Janet ‘Dryburgh’ Baker
Cinna Faveri

Sad News –from Feb.22 email - passed away
Barry Jones – July 1
Bob Pemberton – Dec.2
Bill Dunsmoor
Lenore Maltzahn
Mary ‘Dowson’ Harris
More Sad News - the passing away of
Diane ‘Armstrong’ Gorbell
Sonny Milne - band drummer
Michael ‘Keys’ Dowson - band pianist
Marilyn ‘Farr’ Dyke
Bruce Kleinsteuber – March 29, 2019
Donna ‘Cruckshank’ McCraw – Feb.8 2019
Bill Myers – teacher – April 14, 2019
Ron Kemp – April 2019
Joanne ‘Brett’ McCullough – April 25
Sylvia ‘McLennan’ Longley

If anyone has a any questions, please call me
Carl Dell’Agnese
- home 416-444-6661
- cell – 647-272-9261
- email - delkem@interlinks.net