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May 22, 2019

Hi all –

They were smiling when they arrived “ glad to be here” & still smiling when they left (“ it was a great lunch, see you next year”) Fifty-two attended, several had to cancel at the last minute .

As they arrived, it was easy to notice more of us with health problems , but still making that extra effort to be there & enjoy. CARPE DIEM. Having the band play, creates the perfect mood and it is most appreciated by all. Paul comes all the way from Owen Sound, Russ from Barrie, John Dowson from Aurora, just to entertain us for an hour. One of the import band members Bill MacEachern was a classmate of mine in grade 8. We haven't seen each other since. Tom McQuillan generously paid for all the band members lunch. Much appreciated.

It was especially great to see Susan Dunsmoor, accompanied by her daughter Derra. Tom McQuillan’s older brother back again for the second time. Willy & Sandra Webster for the first time in 17 or 18 years. Both looked great John Minarik (96 years old) who attended EHCI in the forties,( a friend of Doug McAteer,, Don Brown, John Dowson) joined us for the first time. He arrived a little late and told us a few interesting stories.

Fred Disera (a good friend of Howie Hiscox) who attended Bathurst Heights, joined us by special invitation. He & I discussed our memories of the INK POT football games ( each school won twice.)

A quick note – Fred saw me at the Thornhill Golf Club, at least 40 years ago & was still upset about losing the football game one year on the last play of the game It had bothered him ever since, and he had to tell me about it. He met 4 or 5 schoolmates from Duke of York Public School for the first time (some as early as grade 1) They have exchanged email addresses. He called me the next day to make sure he was on the list for next years luncheon.

I talked a little about the Ink Pot, its history & some of its recipients over the years: Chuck Hardy, Bob Pearson, Al Connolly, Dave Crombie, Bruce Clarke, Bill & Susan Dunsmoor, Russ & Sue, our band, several teachers including William Withrow, several football coaches, our beautiful cheerleaders. student council members, & others.

Bob Pearson gave a short speech, about how lucky we were & are to have grown up in the Fifties & go to EHCI. Others said a few words about the reasons they enjoy the luncheon so much & what it means to them.

As everyone started to leave, I realized I hadn’t taken any pictures with my phone. I was able to take a few & I know Russ with send them out to you to view. Bob Craig also took some pictures & they will also be put on our website.

I did refer to the many fellow schoolmates who passed away recently. It would have been too emotional for me to list the many names or go into any details. Without having to say anything, I know we all think about many of them, and feel blessed that we are still here.


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