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December 2019

Hi all –

I hope everyone is well & had a good summer.

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It is almost Christmas & time to plan for our reunion luncheon next year. The final arrangements haven’t been made yet, but will most likely be on May 12, the second Tuesday in May. When I make the final arrangements I will let everyone know.

Last year’s luncheon was a little different & enjoyed by everyone. Over fifty attended & most said “I’ll see you next year as they were leaving”. I’m quite sure we will have another good turnout next year.

At last year’s luncheon, I almost forgot to but did take a few pictures with my phone. Russ has put them on our website www.earlhaig50s.com He also created a link, so all you have to do is to click on it & only the pictures will show.


Bob Craig (who recently moved) also took some pictures & they will be on our website soon.

People in the pictures, -- # 1 - Andrea ‘Brown’ Journeaux, Carol ‘Gill’Christie, Fran ‘Jowsey’ Wensley, Sue Evans-Boxell, Flo ‘Young’ Hanna Susan Dunsmoor, Sandy Webster
# 2 - Fred Gotzmann, Tom McQuillan’s brother, Heather ‘Magwood’ Wallingford
# 3 - Vic Bailey, Dave Amer, Dave Crombie
# 4 - Bill MacEachern – imported for our band ( a classmate of mine in the eighth grade). Carl D.
# 5 - Sandy & Willy Webster
# 6 - Flo’ Young’ Hanna with Sandy & Willy Webster
# 7 – Sue’Harding’
# 8 - Fred Di Sera – from Bathurst Heights – invited by & best friend of Howie Hiscox


Carl Dell'Agnese

- cell – 647-272-9261
- home 416-444-6661
- email - delkem@interlinks.net

Sad news – Howie Hiscox passed away Dec.4.

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