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January 2020

Hi all

Wishing everyone a Happy & Healthy New Year!

We have had a nice response to our request for pictures.

Russ has added a great feature to our EHCI website
Once you Enter our site - at the top left of the Home page, click-on POTPOURRI"
It will take you to the platform that has all the pictures sent in to us recently.

There will also be notes with information & who sent it.
It's a free platform -- but there is some advertising shown at the bottom. No big deal.

If you put your email address in the Follow Box in left column (under Search bar), you will receive automatic email notification when any new things are added to our POTPOURRI.

Please put in your email as it will help me in keeping track of those most interested.

Many thanks to Robert Gale, Roy Jones, John Rogers, Lorna 'Monkman' Fenn, Brian Carrier, Verna 'Risebrough' Grieg for their pictures & especially Russ Strathdee for all his effort. He has also added some pictures of interest from our Delphian Year Book.

We still have more pictures to be added. Russ will add them soon.
So keep in contact.
Please keep sending in pictures. We don't have many current pictures.
Family &/or Chistmas photos would be of interest to all.

We would appreciate any comments about any picture & welcome any suggestions.

I've made contact with Maureen McMaster , but no one else from the list of lost contacts.
Someone must know of Andrea "Brown' Journeaux, who attended the luncheon last year.

Sad News -- the passing of

Sandra 'Overton' Beatty - 2019
Shirley "Marshall' Dunstan 2019

Carl Dell'Agnese
- home 416-444-6661
- cell 647-272-9261