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Tue, Mar 24, 10:58 PM

Hello All

I hope all is well with everyone. I also hope you are coping well in this new world we are all living in now.

You would think that we, in our age group would have seen or thought of everything possible or probable in our lifetime.

Well we were certainly wrong and I’m sure absolutely surprised at the speed of that change. I hope no one is under any undo extra stress .

Wash your hands often, wear a mask and maintain physical distancing of at least 2 metres!

washHands (26K)

I would think it comes as no surprise to hear that we are cancelling our May Reunion luncheon.

The Donalda Club suggests ( and I agree ) we might like to postpone the luncheon until the fall – October or November. I certainly will think about it. Who knows how many luncheons we will have in the future, so every year becomes that much more important to all of us.

The pictures from last year’s luncheon are now on our website. Bob Craig took the pictures & Russ added them to our website a while ago. Just go to PHOTOS & click on 2019 REUNION

I’m disappointed in the response to the POTPURRI feature Russ added to our website. Although I still have a couple of things to add, I’m asking again for any pictures, recent or vintage or any bits of information you would share with us. It would be most appreciated. I will be sending out another email letter in the next while with more information.

You may not know the sad news of the passing last year of Howie Hiscox, Sandra ‘Overton’Beatty & Shirley ‘Marshall’ Dunstan This year 2020 – Barbara ‘ Carruthers’ Brown Peter Journeaux


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