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May 5, 2021

Hello All

I hope everyone is well & managing under the circumstances.

Normally we get together on the second Tuesday in May for our annual reunion luncheon. Unfortunately we had to postpone it again & most likely wait until next year. There is a slight chance we may be able to something before Christmas, but considering how things are going, I doubt it.

As an alternative, we have put together a collection of EHCI pictures from years past that will be fun to view & bring back memories of our school days.

Russ has added a lot of these photo memories plus videos of the band in the "POTPOURRI" feature of our website. Once you Enter our site - at the top left of the Home page, click-on “[POTPOURRI]"

Also if you have attended luncheons in the past you will know how great our band is. Click on POTPOURRI to see videos and hear them. The first video was taken by me on my cell phone - not the greatest quality but still nice to see. Hopefully they will play for us again at our next luncheon.


If you haven't looked at our website for a while and have some time to spare, I know you will enjoy looking at pictures going back to 2000, Delphians, past newsletters.

Normally, in the past, as you signed in at the luncheon, you were greeted by Beverley Paterson & Dave Rainey. Sad to say but both have passed away.

Also no longer with us are Bonnie’Brooks’ Ayre. Ron Bales and Jack Foote just recently passed away. Jack would have been 100 on December 2nd of this year.

Growing older certainly has its pluses as well as drawbacks, especially if there are health problem. With this COVID pandemic , old age has certainly changed our life style.

Keeping in contact with family & old friends is very important & does help a lot. So stay well, keep in touch & appreciate life itself


Carl Dell’Agnese
cell 647-272-9261

Life is uncertain - eat dessert first!

There is no beginning or end..

Yesterday is history.
Tomorrow is a mystery.
Today is a gift.

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