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Dec 23, 2021

Hi all

Just want to wish everyone a heathy, happy & Merry Christmas & New Year

As we all know, it hasn’t been easy for anyone in the recent past. To make matters worse, it is unlikely to change anytime soon. For sure we all have changed, have health problems, moved from a home to a condo, retirement home or just become more reclusive. All of us wondering what the future has in store for us. It will be different for sure.

It may be a sign of the times, or that old age is rapidly catching up with us all. Also there are so many fewer of us & many have lost interest, but in this past year I have only had contact with about 15 or so Earl Haigers, and I don’t have much information to pass on. Health problems & a lack of mobility are most common. Sorry to say but very little good news gets passed on or shared.

Only yesterday, John Wood phoned me. He now lives in B.C. He is well, but wondering if there was any news & when the next reunion luncheon was planned for. He does not want to miss it.

The sad news is that Diane ’Lethbridge’ Hunter passed away recently. I have had computer problems and there may be some that I really didn’t know that well that I have forgotten.

As I was looking to find some info, I came across this picture I will share with everyone.

Carl with Chuck Hardy Jim Anderson (279K)
(Click photo to enlarge)

Everyone will remember Chuck Hardy, besides myself the other person is Jim Anderson, who after our school years we became very good friends.

In the new year – I, with Russ’s help, will be sending out a questionaire for a little info & to find out who still is interested in keeping our reunion luncheon going.

Russ also sends his best wishes to all.


Carl Dell’Agnese
cell 647-272-9261

Life is uncertain - eat dessert first!

There is no beginning or end..

Yesterday is history.
Tomorrow is a mystery.
Today is a gift.

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