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Feb 14, 2022

Hi all

I want to wish everyone a healthy and happy Valentine’s Day.

As you know we are living in unusual times & together with old age & health problems, we have to learn to adapt. No one knows with any certainty when we will be able to live a more normal life or get together for our reunion lunch. Hopefully soon. When that is possible I will let everyone know for sure.

A simple report on my health status. After my stroke Christmas Day, over 2 weeks in the hospital & then over 1 month in rehab, I am feeling & doing great. I have 6 weeks in rehab as an outpatient left, then its up to me. I should be fine.

I want to thank everyone - especially the almost 50 haigers who sent me their best wishes and hope for a speedy recovery. I wasn’t up to thanking them at the time,but it was appreciated. I’m getting back to almost normal faster then I thought possible. – they do say it was a mild stroke. It must have been.

So good health & happiness to all, be carefull & stay well


Carl Dell’Agnese

647-272- 9261