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February 28, 2022

If you did not see the recent picture & story of the 3 Haigers who attended & then taught at EHCI please let me know & I will send it to you.

We did have over 300 names on our Master List but over the years many have been eliminated Now there are less than 150 names. Many of them keep in touch on a regular basis, but there are still a lot we have never heard from. Hopefully we will keep in contact with them all & possibly before it’s too late, many will join us at one of our reunion luncheons soon. Hopefully this fall or next spring.

If you haven’t recently, you should check our website to appreciate how lucky we are to still be on the right side of the grass.

Take a look at:
  • Potpourri – and enjoy the pictures
  • In Memorium – to reflect on the many classmates no longer with us
SAD NEWS – recent passing of Haigers

Doreen Eaton Dec.2021
Carp – Ont.

John Rhynas – Dec.2021
Accidental death
Mono, Ontario

Members of our reunion group who we have lost contact with recently
Brian Matthewson
Lorne Redfern
Joanne Dittrich
Craig Bennett
Gord & Lorraine Stewart
Brian Carrier
Bud Bannerman
John Thornton

Not for a long time
Noel Bamborough
Peter & Ann Smith
John Sanderson
Marilyn Bolland
Pat Giffin

Many emails get sent & I have no way of knowing if they have been delivered and/or received or not ??

Somethings I just came across

There are four things that you cannot recover in life

The Occasion......after it's missed,
The Word...............after it's said,
The Time.............after it's been spent
A Person...............after they have gone

Tough times never last, tough people do..

Some news – much more to follow – keep in touch

There is a lot of interesting info in the replies from the recent emails and I’ll send much of it to you all soon.

Moved –

John Wood – to Golden, B.C.
Victor Bailey - to Fenlon Falls, Ont.
Bruce Davis –to Lakefield, Ont.
Bob Craig – from house to Yonge St. apt/condo

After a recent email –

Sandra Lewis & Lorraine Kleinstuber have reconnected.
- previous meeting was in grade 8 at McKee Public School
Sue Evans will be returning from Florida in April
Most are well – several have health problems

I know I have forgotten many – If there are any errors or corrections to be made – DO NOT HESITATE TO LET ME KNOW ----

Thank You

Carl D.