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December 19, 2022

2022 Christmas Tree (11K)

Just a short note to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and happy new year.

Its that time of year for all of us to reflect on this past year and be grateful.

I don’t have a lot of news on this note, but EVERYONE should visit the "Potpourri" section on our EHCI website.

Just click on POTPOURRI to get directly to it.

Russ will be adding information about many things and its best for us to put them in the Potpourri section – they will stay there forever. So be sure to look at it from time to time.

You will see notes about the Ink Pot – created in 1952 - Al Connolly’s sculptures, Dave Crombie, pictures of our recent EHCI boys luncheon and much more

We all are very hopeful about being able to continue the annual EHCI reunion luncheon in the spring.

We have been holding them for over 40 years. The first one was started by Bruce Clarke. I will certainly keep everyone up to date about when.

The only sad news I can think about is the recent passing of Bob Craig. He was a nice person and very helpful at our reunions. He will be remembered & missed.


Carl D. – 647-272-9261