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January 24, 2023


It was nice to hear from so many Haigers in response to my Christmas email.

My computer and my email problems have been corrected. Now I am able to send/ receive questions or information much better.

Happy New Year to all!

Old Age and Health issues are by far the most common problems with us in going forward.

I’ve talked to a few people recently and most are well - Al Connolly, Dave Amer, Fred Gotzmann, Peter Salmond, Roy Jones, Tom McQuillan

Russ Strathdee still enjoys playing his saxophone, often with a band.

Al Connolly has started sculpting again.

Unfortunately Rod Ranta has developed a serious vision problem.

Only Lorraine Wood”s email was returned last time as undeliverable ?

Tony Copping from Victoria, B.C. is wondering if anyone knows anything about Craig Stewart

Sadly Carol “Gill” Christie passed away last September.

Also - a while ago Elnora“Stewart”Worrick and Pat Lewis passed.

I have not given Russ anything recently to put in Potpourri on our website.

I have many things to comment on and plan to be doing so soon.

You can Just click on POTPOURRI to get there directly.

Still no plans to hold our next annual reunion luncheon -- maybe this fall - depending on Covid

In the year 2000 ( Y 2 K ) the girls were invited to attend for the first time, AND they by far exceeded the boys that year ( at least 2 to 1 ).

Both Russ and I think the most attendees we ever had was over 130 when It was held at the Old Scott House.

The most the boys ever had was 37 at the Tom Jones Steak House

We did have about 350 names on our Master List , now only 155.

It will be interesting to see how many attend the next time.


Carl D. – 647-272-9261
Russ S. - 705-722-3966