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Photos of 2004 Reunion
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Howie Hiscox Photos from our 2004 Reunion Dinner
Howie aplogizes for the quality, as he was using this camera for the first time.
"Please let us know if you can identify any of the missing names:" -Carl

Doug McAteer, John Wood, Nancy "Lewis" Armstrong

Charlie Fick, Carolyn "Connolly" Macdonald, Allan Tweddle, ??, Jim Smythe, Jack Foote

Peter Skeratt, Bill Dunsmoor, Sue "Thomson" Dunsmoor, Brian Metcalfe

Bob Jarvis, Dave Crombie

Chuck & Judy "Crawford" Nash

Sue" Thomson" Dunsmoor, John Wood

Howie Hiscox

Joanne "Davis" Greenlaw, Carl Dell'Agnese, Bob Meadows

Jack Foote, Bill Smythe, Charlie Fick

Charlie Fick, Bob Pearson

?? - pretty lady

Joanne "Davis" Greenlaw, Dave Rainey, Bob Meadows

George Colson

Joanne "Davis", Brian Metcalfe on stage

?? several first time attendees- on stage

?? several first time attendees- on stage

Great photos from our Reunion Dinner April 27, 2004 from Alison "Clare"Crawford & Chuck Nash

2004 dinner 1.jpg (59K)
Anne "Inch" Lewis, Joanne "Brett" McCullough, Shirley "Bowden" Crombie, Janet "Dryburgh" Baker, Dave Crombie, Barb "Carruthers" Brown

2004 dinner 2.jpg (67K)
First time attendees - on stage: Ron Moore, Betty Robinson, Alison "Clare" Crawford, Joanne "Davis" Greenlaw

2004 dinner 3.jpg (63K)
More first timers: Barb" Williams" Vivash, --??--, Alison "Clare" Crawford, Barbara Martin, Al Tweddle

2004 Al C Dave C.jpg (281K)
Al Connolly & Dave Crombie for speeches & trophy presentation

2004 Al C.jpg (294K)
Al Connolly expounding, during speeches & trophy presentation

2004 Dave C 2.jpg (241K)
Dave Crombie during speeches & trophy presentation

2004 Dave C.jpg (254K)
Dave Crombie for trophy presentation

alison 2004.jpg (31K)
Alison "Clare" Crawford

alison carl 2004.jpg (29K)
Alison & Carl

Decade Room from Alison.jpg (306K)
Decade Room - Gala: Bruce & Lorraine "Smith" Kleinstuber, Sheila "Maluske"Galonska, Cindy "McViety" Onstad

Decade Room from Alison2.jpg (287K)
--??--, Ruth "Crombie" Thompson, Dale Fulton

And now for a Slide Show...

(Javascript must be enabled in your browser to see slides)
Slides 1-14 were sent to us by Bob Craig; slides 15-18 by Liz (O'Malley) Potash

People included in this slide show (in no particular order): Carl Dell'Agnese, Charlie Fick, Howie Hiscox, Bev Paterson, Dave Rainey, Sue Thompson, Rick Lewis, Pat Collins, Bev Patterson, Bob Meadows, Mareen Gilpin, Ruth Crombie, Sylvia McClennan, Sue Thompson, Sue Harding, Dave Crombie, Shirley Bowden, Gord Carter, Bob Craig, Betty Robinson, Dale Fulton, Danny Antonacci, Brian Metcalf, Bill Dunsmoor, Brian Carter, Bob Jarvis, Joan Bales, Doug Bernard, Andrea Brown, Betty Robinson, Peter Journeaux, Allan Tweddle, Rod Ranta, Dave Crombie, Nick Purdue, Joanne Brett, Barbara Martin, Allan Christie, Carol Gill, Barbara McIrvine, Janet Shea, Elinor Barley, Liz O'Malley. Are there any we left out?

Click image ==> "Th'-th'-th'-th'-th'-th'-that's All, Folks!"

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