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Photos > 2005 Reunion
  Some highlights from our Reunion ...
Events included: new band (the "Haiger All-Stars"), the Joe Kane Team,
'55 Grads, 12C Commercial Grads, William Withrow & Art Clubs
- See Photos page for all 2005 Reunion happenings

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Dave Crombie presenting Mr. Bill Withrow
with the Ink Pot Trophy
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Mr. Bill Withrow with the Ink Pot Trophy
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Haiger All-Stars Band
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Hear new audio tracks from 2005 Reunion
to hear audio tracks
from our 2005 Reunion

And now for a Slide Show...

Current pictures thanks to...
Bob Pemberton, Beverley "Paterson" Wood, Al Connolly, Verna "Risebrough" Greig,
Silvia "McClennan", Helen "Parker" McPherson, Bob Craig

Please let us know if you can identify names in these slides - Carl.

Names to follow

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