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Reunion 2010
To see online reunion photos Click here (courtesy of Snapfish.com)

This was our 2nd year at the beautiful Donalda Club.
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Carl's our man! 100_4570a (297K)
Happy 50th Anniversary, Grade 12C! Click to enlarge
The band was cookin' as usual.

Left to right: Bruce Manning, partially hidden (banjo), Paul Hiscox (vibes), Sonny Milne (drums), Bob Cleg (trumpet), Michael Keys / Dowson, hidden (piano),John Dowson (bass)
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John Dowson - suggesting we kick things up a notch by wailing at a fast clip a few rounds of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonota. click to enlarge
A new kid on the block this year... Gary Copeland (Russ's blog partner ;-) Gary Copeland
What's her secret??? Anita 'Mackie' Walmsley
A Tribute to Dave Crombie by Bobo Pearson

(Click on the picture to make Dave bigger and younger ;-)
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Ink Pot Trophy - awarded this year to all the members of our Reunion Committee - Russ and Sue accepting the award.... Thank you!! Click to Enlarge
... and the Winner of this year's 50-50 Draw is ...

Click to see the winner ---->
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Russ explaining the simplicity of visiting our web site:

"All you have to do is launch the browser, type "earlhaig50s.com" into the Address Bar, etc. etc. etc."

- (yawn) What was that he said?
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Mr. Foot telling Dave Rainey he has to go and stand in the corner for misbehaving again. Click to Enlarge
Mr. Purdue - What's his secret?? Click to Enlarge
Are you sure you know what you're talking about?? Click to Enlarge
Wasn't that a party? Click to Enlarge