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Reunion 2019
Thanks to Carl and Bob Craig for these photos!

Bob Craig Slide Show

Our 10th year at the Donalda Club
(Wow, time continues to fly!)

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Some highlights...

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01 - Andrea ‘Brown’ Journeaux, Carol ‘Gill’Christie, Fran ‘Jowsey’ Wensley, Sue Evans-Boxell, Flo ‘Young’ Hanna, Susan Dunsmoor, Sandy Webster

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02 - Fred Gotzmann, Tom McQuillan’s brother, Tom, Heather ‘Magwood’ Wallingford

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03 - Vic Bailey, Dave Amer, Dave Crombie

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04 - Bill MacEachern – imported for our band ( a classmate of mine in the eighth grade). Carl D.

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05 - Sandy & Willy Webster

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06 - Flo ’Young’ Hanna with Sandy & Willy Webster

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07 Sue ’Harding’

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08 - Fred Di Sera – from Bathurst Heights – invited by & best friend of Howie Hiscox