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Front Row:
G.Hemming, S.Stewart, N.Uttley, L.Stevens, Mr.Hall, C.Ayers, C.Cooke, L.Ibing, G.Goode, D.Thompson, D.Glaze
Second Row: B.Mudrick, P.Robertson, B.Alves, F.Field, M.Peterkin, J.Braund, T.Gillespie, C.Trueblood, W.Lindfield, S.Clarke, A.Burgar
Back Row: J.Beaven, M.Lehela, B.Nicholson, T.Stutz, D.Marshall, B.Langdon, J.Ferguson, D.haraldsen, Absentees: A.Cohen, J.Yourt, V.Orange,
Page 81, Grade 9K
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Front Row:
D.Clark, E.Coull, D.Denovan, Mrs.Tuer, A.Usher, M.Boyd, R.O'Hara, G.Havey
Second Row: D.Oliver, R.Burnett, A.Havey, G.Cooper, R.Musselwhite, J.Brunke, M.Bridgeman, P.Pendrith, A.Carnegie, H.McLead, H.Kampen
Back Row: J.McDonogh, B.McDonald, G.Taylor, B.Williams, J.Head, D.Cooper, B.Dowes, J.Hockin, B.Maple, A.Hood, R.Goodfellow, D.Smith Absentees: A.Griffis, A.Eastwood
Page 82, Grade 9N
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Commercial Course Students of 1957 Graduating Class:

Sandra Grey
Pat Sinclair
Lois Felix
Marilyn Newton
Rose Saftich
Lois Barton (Centre)
Eleanor Puccini
Commercial Girls
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Page 10
... so remember
that the first
and most
step is
the willing
acceptance of

Probable Fate -
at B.S.S.
Our corageous leader of the year... Bill Bell

... and here's
Bill in 2002

... with no
crew cut!


Mr. Bill Bell
Bill in 2002

Page 10
Back Row:
(the 3 Bills ;-)
Front Row:
Miss V.Vanderlip
Student Council Executive

Page 59
Back Row:
Front Row:
Boys Senior Basketball

Page 66

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Front Row:
Our (Hot) 56-57 Cheerleaders

          Here is a page from our Chronicle of the Year                    
      Well here we are back again in the hallowed halls once more. First thing many of us old timers noted as we approached the doors was the return of the portables to our honoured school site. It didn't take as long either to realize that this year it was going to be worth your life to try to find anyone in the mass of faces that passed you on your way to classes.
      Soon we were all in the swing of things once again. Each of us called to our separate stations every night, either to football or one of the many clubs which were all off to a roaring start this year.
      INITIATION This year initiation was a gala two-night affair. The queer creatures which invaded school at 8 o'clock were taken through the ropes and when they emerged at 11: 30 they 1" all been made official Earl Haigers in the traditional fashion.
      ELECTIONS Our annual elections for the President of the Students' Council and the Friday-Nite club grade representatives were held in October this year. After a vigorous election campaign the successful candidates were made known to the school. They were Bill Bell as president of the Students' Council, Brian Carter, Grade 13 representative, Valerie Fairbaron, Grade 12 representative, John Heritage, Grade 11 representative, and Tex McGill, Grade 10 representative.
      FIRST DANCE Also in October our first dance. Harmony Hop was presented by the Friday-Nite club. It was a huge success and I seem to remember quite a bit of talk over who was to occupy that lonely bench parked in the middle of the dance floor.
      COMMENCEMENT On Friday, October the 26th, Earl Haig held her twenty-seventh annual commencement. The evening opened with a selection from the orchestra and three songs by the Junior Choir. The Grade 12 gold medal went to David Litster and the Grade 11 medal to Anne Odell. (Never forget that hand shake, will you Anne?) Also Bill Paterson, David Rist, and Dorathea Ballruwert received trophies for their outstanding contributions to the school last year. The Grade 12 graduation diplomas were presented by Mr. Becker and Mr. Govan and they were assisted by Mr. Griffin. Then the honour diplomas were presented by Mrs. Pearce who was assisted by Miss MacLeod. The graduation address was presented by Mr. Wallace and then the senior athletic award given to John Wood, and the school letters and special proficiency prizes were awarded. The evening ended with a most enjoyable valedictory address given by Joanne Rudd.
      November opened with the posting of the exam timetable, so everyone promptly settled down to the work at hand.
      REMEMBRANCE DAY This year a very impressive Remembrance Day service was conducted by the I.S.C.F. in our beautiful auditorium.
      MR. "V" On Wednesday, December the llth the band invited the school to the performance of the amazing Mr. "V" and his was a day I am sure many of us will never forget, and hypnosis was the talk of the school for many a week after Mr. "V" left.
      WINTER WHIRL You entered through streamers, draped stairways and there you were in a new world, the world where we held our Christmas dance this year. The name of the dance was Winter Whirl and if Santa visits us next year I sure hope he doesn't have as much trouble with his pants.
      Now back to school after a short refresher with much ahead of us in the months to come.. Early in the month the G.A.A. and the B.A.A. held their annual dance. The Pvjama Game was enjoyed by all, even if there were a few bruises here and there, and we all resolved to be more careful next year. The Hound Hop, as the dance was called, offered the music of Eaton's Band Box in the girls' gym and for the hounds a little rock and roll in the boys' gym.