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Feb 14 Index Carl's updated News Letter for Splash Page
May 27 Oldies TV Oldies TV Shows - some wonderful old Television memories - part of Fun Stuff page
May 16 Memoriam Alan Sumpter passed away Jan 2013
May 15 News Letters News Items added to News Letter History page
May 14 NameList NameList --> Sue's List updated = 219 names
Apr 29 Photos Vintage Pics --> 1958 Prom at Casa Loma - Barbara Carmichael & Russ Strathdee
Feb 6 Photos Vintage Pics --> Doug Walmsley with Mr. Cringan's Pogo Cello
Jan 11 Photos Vintage Pics --> Mary Dowson married Ray Harris
Dec 21 Index Carl's updated News Letter for Splash Page
Dec 15 Photos Vintage Pics -> Mary Dowson photos, Carl with Roy Jones, etc.
Current Pics -> Verna, Connolly, Pemberton, Bill Myers, etc.
Aug 03 Photos Vintage Pics -> Doug Walmsley's 1948 photo of Gr. 7 at Duke of Kent Public School
Jun 19 Photos Photos from 2012 Reunion (Luncheon at Donalda Club)
May 21 Name List Updated Sue's Name List
May 21 In Memoriam The passing of Ralph Magel
May 03 In Memoriam The passing of Ruth "Crombie" Thompson
Apr 24 Look who's coming Splash page --> Look who's coming to our luncheon
Apr 22 Splash Page News April 2012 about our luncheon May 15th
Mar 4 In Memoriam Charlie Fick passed away Feb 29th,2012
Jan 22 In Memoriam Chuck Hardy passed away in 2012
Jan 13 In Memoriam Arthur Van Seters passed away may21/2011
Jan 9 In Memoriam The passing of Tiiu Lapko (9E in 1951) - per Helen McPherson
Jan 2 Fun Stuff Ready to reminisce? --> 1950 Version of An Email
Dec 30 Photos Current Pics --> From Bill Dunsmoor, May-20-11
Dec 20 Index Carl's updated News Letter for Splash Page
Dec 20 Photos Current Pics --> Fred Greig's 75th Birthday
Dec 20 Photos Current Pics --> Tom McQuillan Annual BBQ
Sep 18 Photos Vintage Pics --> Don Brown collection - his '51 Dodge
Jun 10 Photos Current Pics --> Barbara "Carruthers" Brown and Sheila "Maluske" Galonska (sp?)
Jun 10 Photos Vintage Pics --> Pat Hutchinson's Calypso Party, May 11/57
Jun 5 Photos 2010 Reunion --> Highlights of our dinner evening
Apr 15 Links Links page now contains link to an example of Alumni Search results
Apr 09 Splash Page Latest news about dinner for 2010
Dec 19 Fun Stuff Cars and Music we Loved (slide show with music)
Dec 19 Home In Memoriam --> with great sense of loss... Dale Fulton
Dec 19 Photos Vintage Pics --> Verna Risebrough photo
Current Pics --> new ones from Russ Strathdee, Carl and Dave Amer
Oct 21 Photos Current Pics --> Willowdale "Girls" Reunion - Mary Harris photos
Oct 21 Photos Current Pics --> Banff Reunion - Bud Bannerman & Bob Hancock
Oct 21 Photos Current Pics --> 2009 12c Reunion - 54 Years!
Oct 14 Photos Vintage Pics --> 1953 / 54 Elinor Brown & Friends
Oct 03 Home In Memoriam --> With regret, Mr. (Norman) Lemmer, teacher added to our list
Oct 02 Home In Memoriam --> With regret, Bill Maclean added to our list
Sep 22 Fun Stuff Fitness Centers in the Fifties
Jun 26 Photos Vintage Pics --> Gary Copeland's high school sweetheart
Jun 01 Home In Memoriam --> With regret, Shirley "Scott" Warren added to our list
Jun 14 Fun Stuff Link to "Bill's Retro World"
May 19 Photos --> 2009 Reunion
May 14 Splash News from Carl after our Reunion Dinner 2009
May 11 Home In Memoriam --> Pat "Sackfield" Hallam added to our list
Apr 29 Look Who ---> Look who's coming to dinner
Apr 28 Photos ---> The Cars We Drove --> A great online movie with music
Apr 23 Photos ---> Our WHEELS --> Don Brown photos of 48 Harley and 51 Dodge
Apr 21 Photos ---> Vintage Pics --> Don Brown photo
Apr 20 Look Who ---> Look who's coming to dinner
Apr 3 Look Who ---> Look who's coming to dinner
Apr 3 Alumni Update ---> Alumni Update
Mar 23 In Memoriam Sadly, we've lost some more pals
Mar 23 Name List --> Name List = Sue's latest list of names, locations and Email indicators
Mar 12 Splash Page Carl's latest News Letter announcing our next dinner
July 18 Fun Stuff Woolworth's menu
Jun 9 Splash Carl's latest news on Splash page about 2008 reunion photos on Snapfish
May 24 Snapfish Photos from Vera loaded into Snapfish.com
May 13 Name List Sue's Names List updated to contain latest information.
May 8 Look Who Look who's coming to dinner '08.
May 7 In Memoriam With sadness, our In Memoriam list has been updated.
May 2 NameList Revised master name list
May 2 Splash page Splash page links to "1958" page for Grad photos; links to lookwho08 for list of who's coming to dinner
Jan 29 Splash page Announcement of number of days before our next reunion dinner Tuesday May 13, 2008
Jan 18 Photos Vintage Pics --> Circa 1955 The Dixieland Jazz Band - Photo touch ups courtesy of Bruce Manning (Jan.12,2008) Thanks, Moose!
Dec 19 Splash Page Seasons Greetings from Carl and date for our next reunion
Dec 2 Fun Stuff The Spoiled Under 40 Crowd - ( scroll down, below "Cool Person Test" )
Nov 25 Fun Stuff Molly Ann's Fabulous Fifties - Check it out - well worth the visit ! (Russ)
Sep 19 Photos --> Vintage Pics - Verna "Riseborough" Grieg's picture of (remodelled?) Willow Theatre
June 27 Splash page June 27th news letter from Carl with list of 2007 Reunion Attendees
May 30 Photos --> 2007 Reunion - Photos from this year's reunion and also of the Haiger All-Stars for 2007
May 28 Splash page May 26th news letter from Carl about this year's dinner
May 18 Photos --> Vintage Pics - From the Verna Greig collection... The gal in the middle ???? is Elaine Brooks.
May 14 Photos --> Current Pics - Grade 12 Anniversary (thanks to Elinor 'Barley' Brown)
May 13 Home --> Look who's coming to dinner
May 8 Home --> Look who's coming to dinner
May 8 Photos --> Vintage Pics --> The Ed Carter Collection, thanks to Don Brown for Don Steele's name in #11 and George Morowski's name in #23. Also (sadly), for IN MEMORIAM ....... Please add, "Bill Brown, 1988."
May 8 Home --> Names List... "Here is the latest Master List as of May 5 2007" - Sue Harding
May 6 Home --> Look who's coming to dinner
Apr 22 Photos Vintage Pics --> great picture from Verna Risebrough`Greig - taken at her 25th wedding anniversary party
Apr 18 Home page Count-down to the event and Look who's coming to dinner
Apr 16 Home page Photos from our Delphian year book - Grads of '57 (Thanks to Sue "Harding" for the scans)
Apr 15 Splash page Current newsletter from Carl, with date of our next reunion.
Apr 12 Photos Current Pics --> Fred and Verna basking in the Florida sun this Winter
Apr 06 Index News letter about next dinner for 2007
Mar 06 Photos Current Pics --> Jacquie Eaton's family
Mar 02 HOME -> Funstuff "Playa Cofi Jukebox" - 1950-1984 - very extensive collection of tunes you'll recognize.
Feb 19 HOME -> Funstuff "4 Stages of Life" and "Things To Ponder"
"How NOT to deal with Exam Questions" - Har Har
Jan 13 HOME -> Alumni Update Virginia 'Lomax' is alive & well !!
Jan 12 HOME -> Funstuff Forwarded Funnies - LOTS of great stuff here
Dec 23 photos Teacher's autographs in back of 1951-52 Delphian - Thanks to Betty "Allen" Goodman for sharing these autographs of several of her teachers. Betty was in 10C in 1952
Dec 09 photos Current Pics > Mrs. Hiscox's 92nd!!
Nov 22 home In Memoriam > Stan Worry 2006
Nov 10 Fun Stuff Briarcliff Jukebox - an amazing collection of great hits.
Nov 07 Fun Stuff Aging 101 > "... we grow old because we stop playing." - Rose
Oct 30 Home Home page > Alumni Update > Sally "Edgar" VanCamp added
Oct 17 Home Funstuff Test: How cool are you?
Oct 9 Home Funstuff Life in B&W; Do You Remember These?
Oct 2 photos
Vintage Pics > Verna Risebrough, Elaine Higgins & Pearl;
In Memoriam > Bill Rice 2006
Sep 26 photos Vintage Pics > Car Pix from The 50s > 1929 Pontiac - Al Connolly & Carl Dell'Agnese owned a similar car together in the mid-fifties.
Sep 14 home In Memoriam > Jack Hansen 2006
Sep 12 all Moved everything to new webserver: HostMonster.com
Aug 11 photos 2006 Reunion> Sweethearts of Earl Haig> - AND - Vintage Pics> Car Pix from The 50s
July 31 photos Finally Russ got a round Tuit... photos from our 2006 Reunion (stored and accessible online courtesy of Snapfish.com)
May 08 photos Vintage pics> 1946 Photos from Liz McKay!
Apr 11 index Sweethearts list updated for News Letter on Splash page
Mar 12 Photos 2005 Reunion > Slides 96 - 127, submitted by Bob Craig
Mar 9 Home School Song> School Songs THEN and NOW
Feb 24 Photos Vintage Pics> Roy Jones, etc. - submitted by Joanne "Rudd"
Jan 12 Page 1 First page (splash page) to contain latest News, Index renamed Page1, face lift for top banner and revamped menu with new navigational buttons
Jan 12 Fun Stuff A place to collect things of amusement
Dec 17 Photos Current Pics> Bud and Winnie Bannerman, Lynne and Bob Hancock.
Jul 17 Photos Delphian '56-'57 added photo of Class 9N
Jul 15 Home Names List> Updated for new name: Robert (Bob) Wilson
Jun 12 Home Names List> Updated for new name: Don Logan
Jun 05 News Carl's news letter about the May 10 2005 Reunion Dinner
May 26 Home Name Search > Mentioned we may be able to help if they contact us.
May 25 Photos Vintage Pics > #23 Replaced 1954 picture of the Laurier Poker Game with better names in caption
May 24 Photos Vintage Pics > Replaced 1955 picture of Mary Dowson & her baton after an amazing touchup courtesy of Bruce Manning
May 23 Photos Vintage Pics > Replaced picture of Dixieland Band with retouched photo provided by Bruce Manning, added Peter Paterson's name for caption to Ed Carter #23 for Laurier Poker game
May 20 Home Names List > Updated names since the dinner
May 19 Photos 2005 Reunion > Slide show and Haiger All-Stars
Apr 28 Photos Vintage Pics > 1955 Mary Dowson practising her baton
Apr 18 Links Links added to Earl Haig's Alumni website and newsletters
Apr 16 Names List Added more names to list
Apr 13 Look Who Added more names to list
Apr 2 Look Who Added more names to list
Mar 28 Look Who Added more names to list, quite a few from far-away places... we're up to 70 now... running out of room??
Mar 16 News page > News Letter Letter from Carl about May 10th reunion dinner - now downloadable as a PDF file;
Note: All pages except the Home page now have a Back button under the EHCI crest, plus Date Last Updated at the bottom centre of each page.
Mar 08 Home page > Fun Stuff Joke: Having Mom Over For Dinner
Feb 27 Photos > Vintage Pics > Ed Carter Collection Mr.Toye and Mr.Moss spoofing at a football game
Feb 21 Photos > Graduating Class Graduating Class of 1955 - Grade 13 and 12C
Feb 06 Home > Names List Master name list updated by Sue
Feb 04 Home > Alumni Update Names of alumni added and updated in our master list by Sue
Jan 26 Photos > 2004 Reunion Howie Hiscox Photos from our 2004 Reunion Dinner
... plus more background tunes for the Home page random player
Dec 21 Old R&B Jukebox R&B hits from the late 40's and early 50's
Dec 09 Photos More 2004 Reunion, Current Pics and Vintage Pics
Dec 09 News Letter Date of next reunion dinner, May 10/05
May 06 Look who attended List of people who actually attended
May 05 Photos Photos> 2004 Reunion> pictures added to Slide Show
May 01 News Letters Report on April 27th Reunion dinner - Carl, Sue, Russ
Apr-16 Home Alumni Update> Name, address and email updates for our mailing list
Apr-14 Photos Vintage Pics> Ed Carter's slide show March 2004
Apr-6 Names List Update from Sue's list... 302 names, down from 307
Apr-6 Photos '51-52 Delphian > Eaton's Reps
Mar-29 Alumnni Alumni Update > Email / postal address changes for our next reunion announcements and mail-outs
Mar-11 News Letter Carl's April 2004 Newsletter re. next reunion dinner to be held on Tuesday April 27
Feb-22 Photos Gamma Delta Gamma Delta Frat pictures - courtesy bro.Martin Silver
Delphian57 Liz Stiff identified as locker girl - thanks to Shirley Deasley
Feb-21 News Letter Feb.21/04 Latest news about next reunion dinner
Feb-21 Home Alumni Update new name: Heather "MacDonald" Mallett added to our mailing list!
Feb-20 Home Name List revised as of Feb.14/04 - Thanks to Sue Evans
Feb-16 Photos Vintage Pics Mary "Dowson" School Days collection
Delphian 52-53 Page 77 The Gondoliers
Delphian 54-55 Page 76 The "A" Team
Delphian 55-56 1956 Cheerleaders - from Mary "Dowson" collection
Feb-11 Home Name List revised and now accessible from Home page
Feb-09 Home Next reunion dinner date set to Apr.27/04
Jan-30 Home Alumni Update > new name for Name / Address change page:
                    Doug Barnard
Jan-27 Home Alumni Update > new name for Name / Address change page
                          Shirley "Mumu" Brownridge
Jan-26 News Letter Tickets for Music Man event at Cringan Hall
Jan-22 Links Revised link to Mike Richling's site to point to 50s
Added link to Carpanatomy
Jan-19 Home Alumni Update > new name for Name / Address change page
                          Bob Meadows
Jan-15 Home Joke Of The Week > Steven Wright one-liners
Jan-12 Home Alumni Update > new names for Name & Address change page
                          Jacquie Eaton Clarke
Jan-11 Home "Add to Favorites" feature - to make it easy for a visitor to bookmark our site
Jan-07 Home Alumni Update > new names for Name / Address change page
                          Barry Ross, etc.
Jan-05 Links 75th Gala link removed; links to earlhaig.com and 68-70 group updated
Jan-05 Home Alumni Update > new name for Name / Address change page
Jan-03 Photos Vintage Pics > Other Peoples Pictures >
                        #21 1953-54 The Gondoliers
Delphian 52-53 > Page 84 Sr.Glee Club
Jan-02 Home Names List > Names List > new list derived from Sue Evan's master list
Dec-31 Home Now Playing > 14 tunes randomly play on Home page
Weekly Quote > Never take life seriously
Dec-16 Photos Delphian 51-52 > by Page > page 62, Form 9E
Delphian 52-53 > cover - thanks to Doug Walmsley
Delphian 53-54 > cover - thanks to Doug Walmsley
Delphian 53-54 > by Page > page 95
Delphian 53-54 > by Page > page 103
Dec-15 Blue & White 53 Nov.6 pg.3 - Fads & Fashions - by MA'AM
53 Nov.6 pg.8- Meet The Seniors - by Ruth Cooney
55 Feb.18 pg.4 - Gossip
All pages reduced to standard size 3.00000 width @ 150 px
Dec-14 photos Vintage Pics > Other People's Pictures >
#20 The Coronation Queen, Joanne Davis
Dec-12 Home Site Search > Improved search results; check it out!
Dec-11 Photos Delphian 51-52 cover added, thanks to Joanne Davis
75th Gala > Wine & Cheese Party > #04
Dec-10 Photos DELPHIAN > History of the Delphian
Delphian 50-51 > Iolanthe
Delphian 52-53 > Barry Ross, one of our lucky grads
Dec-07 home Names List > Names List > Mailing List
Earl Haig picture > Information about the Earl
Dec-05 photos 75th Gala > Decade Room > #13-#15 added
Dec-03 home Click Music Notes icon to hear school song
Dec-02 photos Vintage Pics > Other People's Pictures >
#19 Sax at the Haig
Dec-01 photos 75th Gala > Decade Room > #06 names added
2000 Reunion > #05-#07
Spelling correction for "Connolly"
Nov-30 photos Current Pics > #01-#04
Vintage Pics > Other People's Pictures > #16-#18
75th Gala > 50s Decade Room > #06-#12
2001 Reunion > #01
Nov-29 names Names List > Address change > Patty "Brooks" Van Evera
Nov-15 Photos Vintage Pics > Other People's Pictures >
#11 > Sanderson Picture - who do you recognize?
#12 > The Dixieland Jazz band - Russ on right
#13 > A group picture - who are these people??
#14 > Another group shot - anyone you knwow?
#15 > Al Connolly - President
2000 Reunion > 4 pictures from Reunion Dinner Y2K
Nov-15 Blue & White 53 Mar.6 Stan Myers' Musing about rugby double-header
53 Dec.11 Front cover (from Ed Carter)
54 Feb.12 Bowling
54 Feb.26 Girls Leaders Corp
55 Feb.18 Blue & White editorial staff
Nov-11 Discussion Board Mail Bag > Message from Ruth B
Nov-11 Photos Vintage Pics > Other People's Pictures > #10 >
Bill Patterson's amazing basketball shot
Nov-11 Photos Vintage Pics > Ed Carter Collection >
#20 Marsha Stott identified as the girl on the far right... thanks to Ruth "Bronson" Dixon-Mueller's email to Carl (all the way from Costa Rica)!
Nov-10 Newsletter Notes re. Oct.3rd and 4th weekend from Carl Dell'Agnese
Nov-07 Photos 75th Gala > 50s Decade Room > #05, Jim Smythe,etc.
Nov-05 Photos Vintage Pics - The Ed Carter Collection
Nov-03 Photos Vintage Pics #07