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Years :   30
Sight Read :   no
Improvisation :   yes
Commitment :   full time




The incomparable and original folksinger/songwriter, poet, and artist, Mose Stephenson, has been an influential element of the Barrie, Ontario folk scene for decades.

His "anglo-americana" style ranges widely from traditional and blues, to ragtime, jazz, country, and free-form folk and rock; and it has been said, by some, that he is probably the most "globally local" folk-singer to come along since Steve Goodman.

Mose has been a quintessential part of the Barrie Art Scene since 1976 when the Friends of the Firehall sought to establish an art gallery in this city. Mose started out honing his craft at the old Back Yard Cafe on Avenue Road in Toronto with folksingers like Lynn Miles, and he was a founding member of Barrie's first folk society, Performance House in 1977. In the early eighties he was playing clubs like Free Times Cafe and Rasputins' in Ottawa; he has opened for Mose Scarlett and Kim Mitchell, and has shared the bill with Downchild and Emery Lester.

Mose is an eloquent lyricist and acutely aware political activist who never stopped writing; but an incident in the early 80's significantly impaired his ability to perform, and while other players continued to "claw" their way up through "the business", Mose headed in precisely the opposite direction! But 17 years of steady and productive sobriety have enabled him to step back from the proverbial abyss, and to jump-start a new script for the next phase of his life, and start up a handyman business, clear a liver disease, get his musical act together again, graduate with honours in addictions, and in a little over 4 years . . . record 5 CD's of totally original material, in his bid to make "the come-back that never was, but what; (had the fates been a little kinder); . . . might have (and to those of us who really know his work); . . . most certainly . . . should have been!!!"

Currently Mose resides in "Old Barrie-town", "Rumourville", "City By The Bay", and "Town Without Pity", gigging, busking, raking, shoveling, and wrestling with the powers that be; whenever the situation might call for it! He is an outspoken advocate of political reform and social justice, and a regular pain in the other end to many in city hall and on the local police force when he's not mesmerizing them with his minstrelsy!

Lowry didn't "come into his own" until middle age, Arthur Rimbaud quit writing in his mid-twenties and yet grown men still strive to equal what he and other writers like Leonard Cohen achieved so young! Mr. Stephenson took his own sweet time to "arrive", and it was the "unfinished business" of some 100-odd pieces of previously unrecorded music that kept him "in the game". Well Mose is presently; very much in "the game"; again; with 60 "pressed" tunes, and another 24 on the way. The CBC has all 5 of his CD's in their library, and because the word "quit" is not part of this man's vocabulary, he will continue to get (as Mr. Nietzche so aptly put it); only stronger with precisely those things that have failed to destroy him!

"What nourishes and sustains the collective banality of the trough-nuzzling herd, absolutely stuffs and drugs the calculated, well-timed, pre-meditated psychic blood-lust, and cosmic indifference of our corporate shepherds." - M.Stephenson. Now here's an artist with something truly compelling to say to his generation, if only the cacophony of inebriated and hypnotized distraction wasn't so hopelessly vociferous! So; find a "quiet" place in your soul, and let one of Mose's CD's pull you against the current and into the past that cannot help but haunt us all with tears, and with laughter, and with memories that; just like love and a dream;(and the parade of broken hearted boobs, and starry-eyed lovers that accompany these things) refuses to die, even still!

- Leonard Dylburn of The Brigadoon Centennial Standard.


Blame It On Hollywood
by Mose Stephenson
Pan The Fallen
by Mose Stephenson
On The Verge
by Mose Stephenson
Unconditionally Yours
by Mose Stephenson


Blame It On Hollywood - - Mose Stephenson
The Things They Could Tell Us - - Mose Stephenson
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The Rose of Shady Grove - - Mose Stephenson
By Any Other Name - - Mose Stephenson
Let Loose The Dogs - - Mose Stephenson
Sentimental Pain - - Mose Stephenson
Ruby Ridge - - Mose Stephenson
Swallowed Love - - Mose Stephenson
Comin Round Again - - Mose Stephenson

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My 5 CDs - The Hunger, Rubber Boot Man, The News, On The Verge, and By Any Other Name.