Barrie Composer
Releases Smooth Jazz CD
Barrie, Ontario, Canada, June 15, 2004. Some of Barrie and surrounding area’s finest musicians came together to record saxophonist Russell Strathdee’s catchy collection of smooth jazz for his adult contemporary début album called Reflections. From the distinctive sound of unison guitar and soprano sax in "Woodwind For Weber" to the alto sax and cuica percussion in "Linda Love", this CD offers up a smorgasbord of musical expression, all in keeping with the theme of easy-listening music.
The "Jazz Guys" are Joe Huron (guitar), Mark Rutherford (piano and Fender Rhodes), Neil Numminen (fretless bass), Bruce Campbell (drums), and Tim Moore (percussion).
The "Groove Guys" (drawn from Wayne Buttery’s group, The Groove Project) include Wayne (guitar and vocal), Bob Federer (Rhodes, organ and synth strings), Charlie Hinkel (electric bass), Dennis King (drums), and Paul Robillard (trumpet).
Guest trumpeter, John Potts, of the Figleaf Jazz Band was called in to do "Good Times ‘N Bad Times". Another import, veteran percussionist Rick Shadrach Lazar of the Montuno Police came up from Toronto to add additional percussion and cuica in a few of the tunes, to further fulfill Russ’s dream.
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