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April 28, 2011


Wow, I just happened across this page and it put a huge smile on my face not to mention the memories. As a Willowdale boy who lived on Mckee and went to the Haig you could not help but know the Northway or hang out at Northtown Plaza. My mother, Donna, worked at the Northway for years. She knew everyone, all the kids at the time including Allan and Harold Fagan, the latter I worked with for one season in NASCAR. I lived at right beside the Maggiacomo brothers who at the time were legends in the hot rod circles.. Hey last but not least I spent a few dollars at the Willow. Great place to grow up....

I am indeed referring to the Willowdale Graffiti web site. I went to the Haig in the late sixty’s 66-69. What a great time to be at that school. My sister Athena was a few years ahead of me. At the time we lived on McKee. All the guys and girls on our block attended the Haig. The Maggiacomos, The Pughes, The Moses, The Hoods, The Banburys, The Thomas’s just on our block alone.

Yes, I read about your Reunion dinner but I’m afraid I would not know anyone. It was just so cool looking at those pictures of the buildings and what looked to be a real cool bunch of people. You simply grew up at the very best of times, followed closely by the 60’s of course. My parents still own their house of McKee and I often go there for a visit and walk around the old “hood”. It’s unbelievable how Willowdale has changed. All the iconic structures we knew as kids are gone. I loved North Town plaza, The Willow, North York Swimming pool, the skating rink at Mitchell Field.  In fact, I was shocked to see a picture of Bayview Village shopping plaza; that’s exactly the way I remember it,,, hanging out there on Fridays after school. What a great print, I would love to buy one - if they existed, or of the Northway for that matter.

I have lived many places but now find my home in Thornhill but am spending more time at my cottage in Muskoka.

You know, we lived “Happy Days”. The show could have been scripted in Willowdale.. So many wonderful memories, So many lifelong friendships, really caring for each other. When you think about it we were all very lucky to have that incredible upbringing provided to us by our respective families.

Whenever I hear the Eagles song The End of the Innocence”  I think of my time growing up in Willowdale. I would not have traded that for anything in world.


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