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Richard Dowson's Collection

Richard Dowson:
"Thought you'd enjoy the photos from 1959 when Al Hepburn Wick Drury and I went out west to "Cowboy" at the 7L7 Ranch at Finnigan Alberta in 1959."
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1. The little house was an eight by twelve bunk house. I lived in there with two other guys. Living the good life on the Alberta prairie. Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge 2. The horse Al is on is mine. When I went to work at the Ranch they assigned me a tractor - an old pickup and a horse. I'd just come back from bringing the milk cows in and Al wanted his picture on a horse. I rode quite often and 'green broke' several horses.

3. Al was not into horses and wasn't assigned a horse. He took care of the pigs - and called them his girls. Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge 4. Al always had a smile on his face.

5. A photo of Bill Blainiss and Al Hepburn. They hit it off rather well. Bill was the foreman and a heavy drinker - part Indian but a really good guy. Click to enlarge

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