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The Northway Restaurant

Seen on Yonge Street in 1958 - From the outside the sign was a bit like the RESTAURANT in Seinfeld, but inside it was like being in Happy Days with The Fawns.
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1. 5310 Yonge St. was the address of the Northway Restaurant in 1957. Al Fagan's mother owned and operated it. She was an old friend of many of the old Maple Leaf Gardens wrestlers - so they would visit from time to time. I remember seeing Roger Little Beaver - the midget - and Lord Athol Layton at the restaurant. Oh yes coffee was only ten cents! - Richard Dowson

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This shot is on the west side of Yonge almost opposite McKee Ave - north of the Willow - The barber was charged with trying to take his own life - now that's history. - Mary Harris

Just the other (South) side of Nick's Barber Shop was a group of trees where you went to get a bit of shade - because north of there was always in the sun - what a memory - but it's true . I remember being thankful for those trees...north of this was Kitch Cochrane's Variety in the old Simpsons dry good store... I would have to say that Nick's shop was between McKee & Norton...west side - Mary Harris

Click to enlarge 2. Russ's customized 49 Olds in front of The Northway.

3. Nick Bassel in Russ's Olds. Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge 4. Nick Bassel hanging around The Northway - here you can see a bit of the East side of Yonge back in 1958.

5. (l to r) Richard James * and Alan Fagan and it was taken by Patrick Folkes in the summer of 1958 in front of the Northway Restaurant. Click to enlarge

* Note that Richard is wearing a cap. This occurred because one day some of the Northway denizens decided to give one of us a hair cut. They took off after James, myself, and one other (was it you?). We split up on the run and I went thru some back yards and over fences and got away. I think they were really after James, maybe because of all that Brylcreem. Anyway he got caught and in the aftermath had to get more or less a brush-cut so he looked half decent. He took to wearing a cap until his hair grew back. If you think about it, I don't believe he ever wore a hat (other than this one time). He was very proud of his hair, and as his wife told me he used Brylcreem right to the end of his days. I think Harold Fagan was a year older than you or I, and Al was up to two years younger. I remember the wrestlers coming into the Northway, particularly Little Beaver. And Yukon Eric on one occasion.
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