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Willow-1947-RedStallion The Willow was a movie theatre in Willowdale, Ontario, Canada, built in 1947 on the South-East corner of Yonge St. and Norton Ave. At that time Willowdale was a growing suburb just north of Toronto's city limits. This area is now part of the North York region of Toronto.

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The Willow was known for its modern architecture with blobs of indirect lighting on the theatre's side walls. Locals recall the around-the-block lines for its double-features, as it was one of the last Toronto-area theatres to run a double. It remained an independent theatre until its closure in 1987. The site is now a condominium.

Left picture below is a painting by Charles Dowson.   Vertical sign changed - Originally, that sign was more fancy in the shape of the lette P, probaably because it was part of the Premier Theatre chain.

1961 Elvis Blue Hawaii 1986 1987 Closed

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